The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess, Chapter 12

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This was super hard to write; I know the motions I want her to feel, but it's very late (2:30 am to be exact lol) and my brain had turned to much. I may redo this chapter later on, I'm not sure yet. I will definitely need feedback on this chapter, though :)

Chapter 12:

It took us about 15 minutes of hard swimming to get to the shining light. My legs, er , tail, kept cramping up since I wasn't used to using those muscles.

After about 10 minutes, I was able to make out the city. It was under a gigantic bubble, and a huge white palace stood at the center, almost reaching the top of the bubble's dome.

When we were right next to the bubble, he led me off the left, towards an oval extension of the bubble at the sea floor.

Some part of me noted that if we weren't genetically warm, we would be extremely cold since we were so far away from the sun.

We approached the oval bubble, and when we got to the tip of the oval, I noticed that there was a group of men standing inside, watching us.

"Just follow me, and do not tell anyone who you are!"

"Why not?"

"Let's just say publicity could be an issue." He laughed.

"Oh, I never thought of that."

"Yep, you're the hot news, baby! Listen, Ellie..."

"I know, Ryan. Don't worry, We'll make them listen." He smiled, and we touched the bottom of the sea bed. We swam towards the entrance to the bubble.

"Ok, here's how it works: swim strait through. Watch me and see how I do it, but act casual, don't let on that it's your first time or they'll be suspicious.

He swam through, and his legs appeared on the other side.

I followed him through. It felt like swimming through jello, it was so cool!

I entered the other side, and found my jeans were back. My bag was completely dry, too.

Ryan took my hand and led me to the main dome of the bubble, and led me onto the streets.

I was amazed at this world! There were bright colors everywhere! Odd shaped and objects were all over the place, and the style of dress was slightly similar to mine, but something was different; I couldn't put my finger on it though.

Ryan led me throughout the city, all the way to the palace. He took a paper out of his wallet and showed it to the guard and leaned his head towards me, ad the guard's eyes widened, and he let us right in.

We walked up the long driveway, up the staircase, and through the huge doors. The entry was exquisite! A large grand staircase led up on both sides to a balcony second level that looked over the entry way. He led me up the left staircase, to a set of doors almost a large as the front doors.

He whispered something to the guard standing there, and the guard slipped inside.

Ryan turned to me smiling. "This is it, Ellie. Don't worry, they'll love you, they've missed you so much. And you're going to love them, they're wonderful people."

"When do we ask them?"

"Let's wait until after the ball."


"Well there's bound to be a ball of some sort, to welcome you home."

"Oh, right. Sorry, still not used to all this."

"I'll miss you until then."

"Me too. But I'll know how you feel, remember? And I'll know when you're thinking of me." I touched his hand.

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