The Sour Loser

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It's Saturday morning and I am sitting in Sam's office waiting for him to finish his work. Watching Sam furiously typing on his keyboard was entertaining for a while but I am starting to lose interest in that activity.

I am getting so bored that I have started fidgeting. Currently I am rotating my legs anticlockwise to see if I can turn them any faster than circling them clockwise. I am already regretting the fact that I haven't brought my own work with me. Is he really that busy or is he playing our game. I am so fed up with that game.

I hate to be the nagging girlfriend but enough is enough. If he doesn't want me here then he can tell me to go away.

Already there is a trouble in paradise. The reason for our latest contention is the Parent Teacher interview that is yet to happen. The first two weeks he gave some lame excuse of being too busy with work. Now he just flat out refuses to come to school for the interview.

According to him, he doesn't need to come to school as he gets regular updates of Luke's progress from his teacher at home. I can just hand him the school report as well. He will run roughshod over me if I let him so I am refusing to bow to this demand. As a result Luke's report is currently sitting gathering dust in the school locker for more than a month.

Finally he stops typing and starts to rub his neck. He proceeds to rub his eyes and the forehead next. Oh poor man, he is just too tired. I get up from my chair to give him the shoulder massage that he likes so much.

I am standing at the side of his chair with him resting his head on my chest.


"Yes unfortunately. I have to fire one of my floor managers today. Now I have to complete the paperwork and find his replacement before this evening"

"Why? What happened?"

"I caught him texting when he was supposed to keep an eye on what's happening on the floor, when he knows full well that mobile phones are banned while working for all employees."

"What explanation did he give for this breach of employee code of conduct."

"That, his girlfriend is pregnant and too near her delivery date."

"Did you check out his alibi?"

"Yes and what he says is true but rules are there for a reason. It was fortunate for me that an inspector wasn't there on the premises. Otherwise I would have been issued a warning letter and a stiff fine. On the top of that in this country you can't fire anyone even for a valid reason."

"May be you should give him a stern warning. Give him some other duties or half pay leave till he has the baby."

"Hum I didn't think of that. Oh that feels good. Yes keep doing that. Just over there."

"Will you stop touching me when I am giving you the shoulder massage"

"What did I do? I just kissed your boobies. Why is that a problem."

"You can continue the rest in our bedroom if you want"

"I hate to say this but I am just too tired to be any use to you in that department"

"That's all right. We can just cuddle for a while if you want. Then you can go to sleep and I will go my own way."

"I have a better idea. Why don't you spend the whole day with me in the bed. I can make love to you after I get some rest"

"I can't. I must go shopping today."

"Why do you need to go shopping?"

"To buy myself new dress for the cook-off party that is happening next week."

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