Out of the Frying pan

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Sam in rage is sight that I wish never to see again. Some men get spitting raving mad when they are angry. I have seen Sam shout at delivery people for not coming on time but that was only surface anger. This is something else.

His anger is not directed at me. In fact he is angry for me. Still I am afraid. I now know why all the people in the block are so scared of Sam.

He is visibly restraining himself from killing the Russian. The proof is all there in his body. The tendons of his neck are sticking out. His biceps are bulging. He is clenching his fists, grinding his teeth. His face is turning all red.

He is holding the Russian with scruff of his neck. The Russian is no lightweight but Sam is almost lifting him up with one hand and speaking in low threatening growls. None of it is in a language I can understand.

There is lot of crowd gathering around us. The casino is marshalling its security. We are creating quite a spectacle. This is calm before the storm. It's not going to end well. I can feel it in my bones.

Reaction is setting in for me. I am shaking like a leaf. All the heat is getting sucked out of me. My mouth is dry. I am feeling dizzy and disoriented. On the second thought I should have kept to my original destination and holed myself in the ladies toilet instead of coming here by Sam's side.

All was well initially. Sam was just winding up his business discussion with the Arab Sheik when I came here. All the other men in the group had already dispersed. Sam's eyes lit up when he saw me. He hurriedly said good bye to the Sheik. He even suffered through the Sheik's back slap. Sam is very lucky man was tossed in my direction as a compliment. After a final farewell bow the Sheik left us alone.

Sam offered me his arm. Was I ready to perambulate on this floor? He asked me solicitously. Can we please go back to our room instead I am really tired. I feigned a delicate yawn for the effect. My yawn might be feigned but my tiredness was not. Looking after an energetic child through most of the flight and after coming here has exhausted me completely. The jet lag is also a contributing factor.

Sam however assumed that I want to get him alone for a different reason. He got the familiar predatory gleam in his eye. I wasn't that tired not to respond to this look. I could feel the blush creeping on my cheeks. I wouldn't mind making love to Sam now thereby replacing the memory of the repulsive cigar breath and hot clammy touches.

With a twinkle in his eye, a booming laugh Sam kissed me square on the lips. He was all but carting me to our room. Leaving whoever was watching no doubt about what we will be doing once we go there.

Unfortunately for us this is where we literally bumped into the Russian. He was following us to apologise for his earlier misunderstanding. He should have stayed clear away and kept his mouth shut. Instead like a good Boy Scout he wanted to give an explanation for his bad behaviour. He kept talking in mix of English and Russian. He kept on digging bigger and bigger hole for himself in the process. I don't know what he was saying in Russian but his English speech was humiliating enough.

Sam is always accompanied by women like Sally and her ilk. The Russian just thought that I was of the similar persuasion. Women who gave their favours freely or with a right amount of money as the case may be. He was telling me this as a way of explanation.

His suspicion was boosted when Sam introduced me as his girlfriend and not his wife. Besides there was no ring on my finger. He checked while giving me that handshake. Although Sam had introduced Sally as his escort for the trip which is fine distinction from girlfriend but it was easy for the Russian to confuse the two as his English is not that good. Since I was just Sam's girlfriend that meant I was fair game.

Sam's sentence that I was precious to him was lost in translation as well. He thought it meant that I would cost him little bit more than the others. I wasn't much to look at but he was still prepared to pay the high price. He knows Sam's taste in women is implacable. If Sam was keeping me exclusively for last four months then I must be something. I will more than make up for the shortfall in my looks in the bedroom.

His competitive streak was roused when Sam asked him to keep me safe and bring me back to him. This probably meant that Sam wasn't ready to relinquish my control but who was Sam to keep me for himself. The Lady can play if she wants to play and may the best man win. Besides Sam hasn't been averse to sharing in the past. He can join us or just watch us as he has done many times before.

When the Russian got me alone he soon realised that I might not be willing to play. However now that he had taken the effort to get me alone he might as well confirm if that is the case. Some of the high class ones like to pretend and it's another game to get them amicable to certain suggestions.

He realised he has done something wrong when I ran away from him. He wanted to come here and apologise before I took any offence and relegated my one sided story to Sam. Sam would take this all wrong without the benefit his detailed explanation.

I was ready to accept his apology. I could have lived with little bit of humiliation. If not for the Russian Sam would have never found out about the Russian pawing me earlier. I would have given the Russian benefit of doubt blaming his proximity to my person on the crowd around me and his imbibed status. Never suspecting his ulterior motive of getting me in the bed.

The more he spoke the angrier Sam got till we arrived at this current impasse. I have to intervene to save the Russian. Not that I care for his life that much at the moment but if Sam kills him now it will create further complications that I don't need.

The Russian is babbling now and Sam is squeezing his neck to stop him talking. Why is not security getting here. I look around me and see that all the Sam's business associates, their henchmen have formed a ring around us. I can see Joe standing directly behind us. Unlike other men he is facing us and protecting Sam's back rather that facing the crowd.

I am comforted by his familiar face. I reach towards him and squeeze his hand.

"Please do something."

"Sam is capable of defending himself."

"Sam will kill him if we don't stop him now."

"Sam has a right to defend his lady's honour."

I give up on Joe and decide to jump in the fray almost too late.

"Sam stop. What are you doing? You are crushing his windpipe."

"Alice for once in your life do something that's good for you and stay out of this."

I am trying to stop him by dislodging his hand from the Russian's neck which is off course unsuccessful. I have gained a small victory as the Russian is still breathing and looking at us with wide fearful eyes.

"You can't just kill him for a simple mistake like that. He came to wrong conclusion but his assumption was understandable under the circumstances."

This is apparently wrong thing to say to Sam. Even I can't help putting my foot wrong.

"Alice I suggest that you return to our room and wait for me there." I want to object but he stops me talking. "If you don't agree to go under your own steam then I will ask Joe to pick you up, carry you there and lock you in the room."

I don't want Sam to loose his only backup in the crowd. I definitely don't want to suffer the indignity of being carried by Joe. I plead Sam to not kill the Russian with my eyes. He has come to some sort of decision and is unmovable from his chosen path.

Well I tried everything to save the Russian's puny life. The rest of it is in god's or rather Sam's hand. I give up at this point. Breath a silent sigh of defeat and leave my molester to his fate. I ignore the casino security staff following me to my room.

I close the door on his face. Put lock to the door and seek my bed. Sleep takes long time to come. I make vow to myself to address all the issues and deal with implication of tonight's events in the morning.

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