Uncovering Secrets

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I am woken up in the midnight by a passionate kiss from my prince. I hold on to him like a drowning person grabbing to a lifeline. Oh I have missed him so much. It's been more that a week we have been truly together.

Weekend was a washout due to unprecedented number of visitors. Everyone in the block was giving us breathing space during school holidays. They visited us in droves last weekend.

Even Sam's midnight visits are curtailed because of various business issues which he suspects to be sabotage attempts by his enemies. Finally tonight he is here to be with me.

"Please don't stop please. I need you tonight" I am begging him.

My begging is superfluous. It doesn't look like he has any intention of stopping. He looks desperate himself. Tonight's session is going to be a hurried affair. Hurried for Sam doesn't mean botched. As always he delivers his promised Nirvana.

I am purring like a contented cat. I am doubly glad today. Sam broke one of his cardinal rules for me.

"Hum, if I have to wake up in the middle of the night then this is the best way to wake up"

Sam agrees with me wordlessly. He is still kissing and touching me everywhere. If past experience is any indication then he will want another leisurely round soon.

He gives me a tender kiss on the lips "I have to leave now" and starts to put his words in to action.

I am already disappointed. I don't want to let him go. Does he have leave so soon. "Can you not stay five more minutes please"

"I have to go back to work you know but I can stay for two more minutes. That's how much time it will take you to fall asleep again, now that you got what you wanted from me"

"Is it only me who wanted it?"

"Let me rephrase. Now that we both got what we wanted from each other"

So he will stay here till I fall asleep. I am determined not to fall asleep after his snide comment. As he predicted I start to get drowsy lulled by his soft touches and featherlight kisses.

"Now I am going to fall asleep with you and I can't afford to sleep" Sam complains "This is why I don't make love to you in the night."

"The frustration helps you to stay awake is it?"

"Yes that's about right"

"It also keeps me awake you know but unlike you I need my sleep."

"Sorry about that. Before you I wasn't involved with anyone who had work commitments during the day. Still I should have considered your plight." He explains to me.

"If you want me to stay for a while then talk to me" comes his demand.

"Did you have your lunch?"

"No, not yet. Now that I have fulfilled my most pressing need I will take care of another appetite"

"I will serve you the lunch then"

"I know where you keep the food. I am perfectly capable of looking after myself. Besides you need your rest"

"You looked after my need the least I can do is feed you. It won't be any trouble at all really"

I start to get up from the bed. I don't bother to dress. I just wrap a blanket around me to ward from the chill.

"You stay here. I will bring something to you in a jiffy"

"This is my biggest fantasy come true. Getting served in the bed by my lover. If you loose the blanket as well then it would be perfect"

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