The Help

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"You are not suddenly turning shy on me are you?" Sam is teasing me while I am trying to hide my face in his wide chest. I can feel a rumbling laugh coming from there. I beat at it ineffectively. He catches both my wrist in the palm of his large hand.

"Have you got any carpet burns?"

"Stop teasing me."

"What? I am concerned about your welfare. I have carpet burn myself, along with a bite or two and numerous scratches everywhere."

"I am sorry about that."

"Well I am not. Let me see if you have any carpet burns."

"Aw what are you doing. Don't touch me there."

"A minute ago I was touching you everywhere now I can't touch your ......" I put a finger on his mouth. He gives me soft kiss on my finger.

"This is what I like about you Alice. Sometimes you are bold beautiful siren other times a shy virgin. I never know what I am going to get. I already tasted the siren today will I be taking the Virgin on a proper bed now."

"All the contrary evidence aside this is not why I came here today." I try to express the seriousness of my mission through the eyes and voice.

"Then why did you come here Alice?" Sam for a change drops the teasing and takes on a grave tone himself.

"I told you that I was feeling insecure about our relationship. I wanted to find out if you are still interested in me."

"Are you Satisfied now?" he gives a little purr giving double meaning to word Satisfied.

I ignore it and continue on. "This only proves that we have great chemistry in the bed or out of bed for that matter." I say in wry tone indicating our current position on the carpet. "You can't base a relationship solely on what happens between the sheets."

"But we spend time together in other ways as well. What else do you want?"

"The problem is you completely shut me out from many other aspects of your life." He wants to defend himself but I continue on. "I am not talking about history. What you said is right. Some things can remain in the past and I don't have to know about it unless it directly impacts us. What I am interested is the present."

"I don't understand." Sam looks confused. For such an intelligent man he can be really obtuse sometimes.

"You don't tell me anything about your businesses including the strip club which is such an integral part of your life. In fact you stonewall me sometimes. You spend so much time running all your businesses. You don't give me a chance to contribute in any meaningful way. Am I only good for looking after your child, cooking you dinner and warming your bed?"

"Stonewall you? How?"

"You remember the day when we discussed about firing your floor manager? You told me that you caught him texting and he gave you the excuse that his girlfriend is pregnant. That's not what happened was it?"

He lets go of really obscene word in some unknown language.

"Your reaction just confirms that you lied to me. How smoothly you told me the story of a man and his pregnant girlfriend. In reality you caught him snorting cocaine and doing under the table deals with the clients."

"Who told you this? Alex? I am going to kill that weasel."

"It's not important to know who told me this. The fact remains that you did not tell me the truth in this matter."

"I was just trying to protect you from harsh realities of this world."

"Have you considered that may be I don't need protecting from it. Sam I am living in this area for nearly 5 months now. Do you think I am blind? Haven't I seen enough? Do you think any other woman from my background would have lasted this long in this area? Do you think I have remained unaffected by it all?"

"In many aspect you are still innocent. I don't want to corrupt you further."

"What about more mundane matters. Can you not let me help you with day to day running of the club. You work all through the night till late in the morning. You are getting up in the afternoon to finish the things you could have done in your midnight lunch break instead of visiting me. Then you forgo your sleep further to spend time with Luke and me. You are literally burning the candle at both ends here. I know I can help. Will you give me a chance to assist you?"

"Aren't you doing enough already. You work during the day and make lesson plans in the evening. You look after Luke and cook for us. We entertain so much that unless we lock the door there is constantly someone in your rooms. You teach different things to many people. English, Computer, cooking you name it. You plan and host cook off parties. Then you get up at midnight so that we can spend time together. You were skinny as it is but I think you have lost more weight. I can see bags under your eyes and swallow complexion of your skin."

"Gee thanks for the compliment but you should look in the mirror yourself. If anything we have matching bags."

"Don't get me wrong. You are still beautiful. I try to stop myself from visiting you at midnight. I know that you need your rest but coming to you is like a compulsion in my blood."

"Don't you dare stop visiting me. On the days you don't come I miss you so much that I lie awake till dawn."

"So you loose sleep both ways."

"Many people have issues with keeping work life balance. It's one of the joys of working full time while having family and a child. Overworked and no sleep."

"But parenthood was thrust upon you. It wasn't your choice was it?"

"Parenthood is unplanned for lot of people. I on the other hand chose to become mother for Luke."

"Was it choice or did I give you no other option?"

"You are forgetting Sam. I was Luke's mother long before I became your lover. I will continue to be his mother even if you decide to end this."

He squeezes me really close now. "We have already discussed this. I don't want this to end. You tell me if you don't want to be a mother and lover anymore and I will fight with you every step of the way to change your mind."

"That won't be necessary. All you have to do is let me help you. You are right I can't be much help during school term but holidays is different matter."

"Do you want to start now?"


"Yes sooner the better. You have distracted me from my work today. You might as well make up for it."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I hereby appoint you as my secretary. You can help me transfer these notes to the dictaphone." He picks one of the paper and discards it. "However you can read only the things which are written in English."

"Well obviously."

"Will you work as my secretary then?"

"Yes gladly."

"Hum then I have to arrange some uniform for you."

"Uniform? What kind of uniform?"

"Think about it. You are the secretary of a strip club owner. We need a special uniform for you. How about if you wear really short skirt and a tight blouse."

"So we are back to teasing are we? If I wear something like that then we wouldn't get anything done."

"But we would have fun."

"Sam are you serious about wanting my help or are you just teasing?"

"Yes I will accept your help."

"Thank you."

"But not now. Now I want you for something else. We can thank each other in the bed." So saying he carries me to our bedroom.

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