Road to Perdition

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I can't stop a yawn from escaping. Sam joins me with his own huge yawn. We both chuckle at the same time.

It's only mid afternoon, but a sleepless night and a severe emotional storm has exhausted me completely. I am now so tired that I want to sleep where I am, sitting on Sam's lap. Sam looks tired as well. I had at least some sleep but he was working in the night and has completely missed his daytime sleep.

"I think we both better get some sleep. Come to bed and sleep with me", I look at him with surprise, but can't see any double meaning in this sentence. He says sleep and he means sleep.

We walk together to a small bedroom attached to the office. He gets on bed first and motions me to join him. My brain has completely shut down at this point due to sheer exhaustion. I follow his instructions without any protest and join him on the bed. He tucks me in the crook of his arms with my head resting on his chest. We cuddle together. This is first time in my life I am sharing a man's bed just for sleeping. Sam is quite comfortable with this position, there is initial awkwardness on my part as I don't where to keep my hands and legs.

We are still fully dressed, me in my comfy slacks and top meant for a outdoor picnic, he is still in his dress pants and formal shirt meant for work, minus the tie, with few buttons of his shirt undone and sleeves rolled up.

He helps me adjust and get myself comfortable. He confirms that I am as comfortable as possible. Within minutes his breathing deepens and he promptly falls asleep. I look at him with marvel for his ability to sleep. I remember how he was sleeping in the school while standing up, using the pillars of pergola for support, when waiting for me.

He senses that I am still awake. He tucks me as close as he possibly can, I am almost sleeping on top of him now. "Go to sleep", he mumbles sleepily. I think the act of watching him sleep gets boring or my exhaustion catches up to me or may be I am lulled by his sleepy embrace. Slowly the sleep catches up, and I am lost in its sweet obliviation.

It's late evening when I wake up. I have slept half a day away. This is the longest day time nap I have ever had. I open my eyes to see Sam watching me with tenderness in his eyes. My tummy rumbles to remind me of the lunch that I missed. Sam kisses me on the forehead, pats me on the backside and releases me from his embrace.

"Come on sleepyheads get up. Some of us need to work."

"Why did you let me sleep this much. Now I have had so much sleep that I won't be able to sleep in the night", I pout at him.

"Ok if you can't sleep then cook something for me. I have heard so much about your cooking, I wouldn't mind tasting your food. I will take a lunch break around midnight, come visit you at your place and eat my midnight snack."

Now that I am rested my brain is functioning again. Cooking for Sam will be too domestic. He is offering just a brief affair not a relationship. I have to be careful to let myself get involved with him. I hesitate in responding to him. He senses my hesitation.

"Look Alice, I will come over at midnight and knock on your door. Open the door or don't, it's up to you. I might use my lock picking skill if I feel like it. Nothing will happen. We will just sit together, eat and talk if you want. Is that clear?" I stubbornly keep my silence. Sam sighs in exasperation.

I want to go back to my room, my sanctuary now, but I am also dreading to go there. The whole area must have read the 'Block News'. I don't know what their reaction is going to be. What was just gossip till yesterday has appeared in writing and has been distributed to god knows how many people. If Alex followed my plan and created digital versions, blogs, twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts for the news then my face would have reached thousands of people along with discreet ads about the businesses in this area.

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