Reality Bites

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Sam arrives before my patience has run out. Gary is still hovering in the background. It's his shop so I cant exactly ask him to leave. I can't think of any other private place for my rant.

Suddenly I blur out "Do you want to come upstairs to talk". My brain has disconnected from my mouth. He looks shocked at my request. I myself am shocked at what I said.

I think to myself 'Good one Alice. You are inviting a man like Sam to your place which is basically one tiny kitchen and a huge bedroom. There are no tables, no chairs, just mattress on the floor.' I can't back out now as he is already walking through the shop so that we can go upstairs through the back entrance.

Thankfully he is standing in the kitchen casually leaning against the bench top waiting for me. "I apologise for the scene Sally created. I promise you that won't happen again"

"You promise on lot of things but don't deliver on anything. What happened to I will make sure Luke gets his bath promise"

"Is this what it is about? I left town on the day of our meeting. I did ask the girl who looked after him to give him a bath, but it seems she was offered a job elsewhere. She left without notice. Thanks for looking after him by the way I will pay you money in wedges"

"I don't want your frigging money for looking after Luke. You basically abandoned your child with no care and went to Vegas with Sally"

I was remembering the times I had walked from school to find the door of our apartment locked. All the times I had to sit on the stairs and sleep in the corridors. Sometimes till early hours of dawn waiting for my mom to come back home.

"I had some business in Vegas, I had to go there"

"What kind of person goes to Vegas for a business with his girlfriend?"

"Sal is not my girlfriend she is just someone I have business arrangement with. I went to Vegas on business because I own a strip club and want to update it, promote it. Is that all?"

"You basically abandoned Luke. Could you not cancel or postpone the trip?"

"The trip could not be cancelled. I had already postponed it for two days. Besides when I left, Luke had someone to look after him. If she left without my notice then that wasn't my fault"

"You should have come back when you found out about the situation"

"My business was such that I really couldn't leave immediately, but I came as soon as I could leave and get a return fight. Besides I called Joe and he told me that you are looking after him. So he was in good hands. "

I still persist. "So have you found anyone to look after him now?"

"I will just ask Sal to look after him"

"You better not even think to ask that horrible woman to look after Luke."

"Alice I will consider your opinion in this matter, but let me be 100% clear, I never let anyone dictate me on what to do." He says in firm voice "Luke is my son and you are just his teacher. Make sure to never forget that"

He has certainly put me in my in place. Then he tries to placate me. "Look, Sal is all right for a woman. Luke should be fine with her"

Sal certainly does not seem alright to me. She is murderous, deranged. I can't even think of all the adjectives to describe her. But alright wasn't in it.

"Does she even know how to care for a child" I ask bit sceptically.

"What's there to know? Feed him, bath him, put him in the bed, and take him to the school" he simplifies things drastically

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