Deal with the Devil

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I wish Sam would shout at me loudly or threaten me bodily, what I get from him is a deathly calm. The calm is more unnerving that shouts or threats. He just signals me to come with him. He even extends a hand for me to hold.

I accept the hand offered as my legs are wobbly. The fact that I am able to stand up is a surprise. I don't think I would be able to walk on my own.

I am holding Sam's hand walking with him feeling as if he is leading me to my execution. He leads me to the bike illegally parked on the side, helps me get on the bike. I don't bother asking for a helmet. I don't think a helmet can save me this time.

He takes me to back of the strip club. We climb the stairs reserved for employees. Thankfully its mid-morning and strip club is closed. He steers me through what must be business section of first floor of the strip club. If I was coming here under any other circumstances I would have been curious, but my vision has greyed out and I am unable to see any of my surroundings.

He takes me to his office, closes the door, pulls me a chair and sits me down. His all actions are precise and measured. The whole time I am trying to stop myself from shaking, blubbering or crying.

Sam does not shout or threaten me. He does not need to. He is calm and quiet but I am still scared. "The newspaper was your idea wasn't it?" he asks me gently. I manage to nod my head. "It is very good idea really. Unfortunately Alex has made a hash of things as usual.

Your name is not mentioned in the news but there are enough details in there that people will put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4.

I wish it could be otherwise but this news changes everything."

I continue listening to him mutely and he continues to talk "This puts you in danger, a very real danger."

"What...? What kind of danger?" I stutter.

"I come from Eastern Europe, a county that doesn't exist anymore. I have lived a very checkered past, made many enemies in my former career. Recently some of my enemies have managed to get in this country.

There are some associates and business rivals in my current business that would not hesitate to stab me in the back. I have recently found out that I am being sabotaged. These people may try to use you as a hostage. I think it is best if you move in with me"

I am shocked with his revelation. "Move in with you, are you out of your mind?" I shout at him. He wants to start talking but I raise my hand to stop him and continue to shout. "Don't you dare tell me, how it is for my own good. Why do you give two hoots about what happens to me? I refuse to believe there is even danger to me. What guarantee do I have that, you are not making it all up?"

"You don't. How about I withdraw my protection and let you find out if the danger is real or not." He pauses for the effect "As to your first question why do I care? There are two reasons. First, I owe you for protecting and taking care of Luke. Second is that up till now Luke has been my only weakness that my enemies can exploit. Now I can use you to shield Luke."

I am now completely bewildered. "Protecting Luke, from what?" I manage to ask.

"Someone may have tried to abduct Luke from school on the first day. I think the plan was to grab Luke when school finished and teachers were distracted, but you saved him from possible abduction and god knows what else"

"I think you better tell me everything" I demand to him.

"Alice I don't think you need to know everything, but I will tell you if you insist", he continues talking.

I find it hard to understand everything that Sam is telling. I make him repeat it many times. Finally I get the gist of the whole story

Sam's original plan was to fly to Vegas in the morning after dropping Luke off on the first day of school but he changed the plan because Luke looked upset when going to the school. He asked Joe to pick Luke as Sam had to catch up on his sleep before he left and Joe is Luke's favourite uncle. Sam wanted to make sure Luke was happy before he left.

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