Shotgun Wedding

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I am toasty warm. I am surrounded by many pillows we use to make up for our height difference in the bed but the pillows are not keeping me warm. My heat source is very much alive. This is the first time I am waking up with Sam in the morning and boy was I missing out big time.

He starts making love to me when I am still half asleep. He asks my permission to enter and I murmur acceptance. My sleep disappears instantly replaced by arousal. Soon I am demanding the satisfaction and Sam is taking his time. The final destination is given but the journey to get there is all the fun.

As I come down out of near coma induced by Sam's lovemaking I realise we have forgotten something. Sam is still cuddling me, kissing me.

"Sam! Sam we didn't use protection."

"Oh didn't we? Well doesn't matter I am clean. I got checked a month ago and I haven't been with anyone except you for a long time."

"It's not that what if I get pregnant?"

"Are you not on pill?"

"You always took care of protection so I never bothered with it."

"God damn it woman you should have told me this before we got started."

"How could I? I was still half asleep."

"What's done is done and cannot be undone."

"I can get a morning after pill."

Sam stills at this statement. "You want to kill our child. Would that be such a calamity if you get pregnant? You know I will always protect you and nurture our child. I promise not to make same mistakes I did with Luke again."

"You are talking as if I am already pregnant. It's possible that nothing will come out of it."

"And it's equally possible for you to get pregnant. Sometimes it can happen the first time around. You want to take morning after pill to prevent just that possibility isn't it?"

"Sam please don't get angry. I didn't know how you felt about having another child. You are as unprepared for it as I am. Tell me if I am wrong?"

"I wasn't planning on having another child. but now that the possibility exists I am not averse to the idea."

"So what shall we do?"

"I think we should get married today."

"What? Today? Are you mad? How can we get married in one day?"

"In case it has slipped your notice we are in Vegas."

"But I may not be pregnant."

"Alice I want us to get married because that's what we want to do not because there is child on the way. If you are not already pregnant then I will be glad to repeat our earlier activity many times over. We will have child soon or have fun trying."

Sam gives me an intimate caress to make his point. He is reverently touching me now.

"I would love to see you carrying our child. Think about it we will have small baby. It doesn't matter if it is boy or girl. Though I would prefer a girl over a boy. What do you say?

"You already started dreaming about a child but what if I am not ready for it?"

"You yourself said that parenthood is unplanned for lot of people. You just make the best of the situation. Besides I already know you would be great mother. So that's settled then we will get married today."

"You are telling me or asking me?"

"I am telling you because I am scared. Scared that you will so no if I ask you."

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