Series of Unexpected Events

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Next day I am woken up by the alarm. I groggily get up and head towards the bathroom to have a shower. I notice that Mel is still sleeping. We both were up till late last night to celebrate my first day of work.

Mel won't be here long. Her boyfriend Pete has moved interstate to live closer to his parents. Currently he is extremely busy trying to set up his own law and accounting firm in his parent's city. He travels back and forth to be with Mel when he can. She will join him soon.

Mel works as an accountant in an investment bank. The bank is offering her a transfer in their interstate branch when she relocates.

I tiptoe to the bathroom and have a shower. By the time I am finished Mel is already up making us coffee. I take over the breakfast making duty while she heads for a shower.

I have wolfed down the breakfast and gulped down the coffee. I am getting ready when she comes out.

We exchange few pleasantries but there is no time for much else. I say bye to her and leave the house. I have another long day ahead of me.

I am wearing sensible clothes today. Khaki Cargo pants and lime green top. I have chosen sensible shoes with no heels. I have completed the outfit with light make up and have tied my hair in a ponytail.

I climb down the stairs to see a cab parked right near the entrance. If I remember right, it is same cab that I came in yesterday. Yesterday he adamantly refused to take any money from me. May be he is regretting his decision and wants the money now. The crisp $100 bill that I got yesterday is burning a hole in my pant pocket. It feels like toxic waste. I need to give it back. I don't want to owe person like Sam anything.

I walk to the cab. The cabbie sees me and gets out of the cab and opens the passenger side door expecting me to get in.

"What in the world are you doing here?" I ask the cabbie.

The cabbie whose name if I remember correctly is Alex scratches his day old beard. "Miss, I come here to take you to the school"

"Who told you to come here? What time did you get here? How long are you waiting for?", I am totally freaked out and bombard Alex with lots of questions.

"Miss, you told me that you leave at 7 in the morning to catch the train".

In my tired state I might have disclosed to Alex what time I leave home, but that still doesn't explain why he is here waiting for me.

"Sam told me that you walk alone from the train to the school. I dropped my last passenger in this area. I think to myself, Alex why not give the new teacher a ride on the way."

"Did you come just now? Or are you waiting long?"

"I had nothing else to do. I just parked here and caught myself a shut eye".

This means he is here for some time waiting for me, sleeping in his cab instead of going straight home to his bed. I have never seen a cabbie with so much dedication, especially for a job for which he refuses to take any payment.

"Please get in miss. It's nippy in here. You donna wanna catch a cold, do ya?"

I reluctantly get in and he starts driving. I begin chatting with him. He seems a nice enough guy. We soon become the best of buddies.

"Alex you said that you live near the school. Do you know any good room for rent"?

"Room for rent miss what for"?

"I was looking for a place to rent. There are apartments near the train station, but area near the school is all houses. I was thinking if you know anyone with a spare room, that they want to rent out".

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