Organic Farm

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"Mama look!" the park is filled with Luke's laughter. He is flying a kite or rather holding the kite in his hand and running with it to make it fly.

This is the best part of looking after Luke. He is full of so much energy. No matter how tired, sad or angry you are he makes you happy.

The kite is not flying very high as it does not have a tail. It is in rather sad shape for a kite. Earlier in the day we have made it ourselves as part of our craft activity, Luke immeditately wanted to put it to use for which it was intedend. Nothing will do but for him to fly a kite. I happily took him to park thinking that it will take my mind.from the topic that is occupying my mind.

It is getting dark and Luke is getting tired. We must go home and I must look at the Pandora's box that is Sam's mind. I must understand his pathological need to lie to me over trivial things like a list of items on a piece of paper.

Sam joins us in the park. "Daddy!" Luke hugs Sam. "Look at the kite we made."

"You are late. I came looking for you." Sam scolds me in the way of greeting.

"Luke can you please show dad how you fly the kite." I ignore Sam to concentrate on Luke. Luke starts running and I start to follow him.

Sam catches my not so pleasant mood. He snags my arm when I am about to go. "What got into you today?"

"I don't like people lying to me. Now if you excuse me I have to follow him."

Luke objects to us not paying attention to him. He starts throwing tantrum.

"You stupid Daddy. Stupid Mama." He stomps on his treasured kite and flounces off. We have to drop our argument to run after him.

He is not far. Sam catches him and picks him up. Luke is wriggling in his grasp. Sam is about to shout at him when I step in.

"Sam please don't shout at him. Luke has been really good boy today. He is just tired. Aren't you Luke?" I ruffle Luke's hair.

"I hate you. You and dad fight. You don't look at my kite."

He starts sobbing. I have to make out rest of what he is trying to say. I get a gist of it. Luke is feeling neglected and abandoned. He is complaining that Sam and I spend too much time as a couple. I am not there in the morning to give him his breakfast. I don't give him bath. I don't even read him stories at night. I give Luke a hug.

"I am sorry Luke for not looking at your kite."

I am questioning myself. Is this what I am doing. Neglecting Luke by not paying attention to him. Spending too much time with Sam and not enough time with Luke.

"I will also read you story tonight and will give you breakfast in the morning."

"You and daddy both do it."

"But daddy has to.."

Sam interrupts me. "I will tell you a story Luke when I give you bath."

All Luke's anger is forgotten. "A bath time story? You promise."

"Yes I promise." Sam says gravely.

"And you won't fight again." Luke asks me anxiously.

"Luke sometimes mum and dad do fight with each other."

"Why can't you talk with each other. You know how you asked me to talk to Jack when I was fighting with him."

Kids can be very insightful sometimes. Sam extends his palm towards me. "Yes Luke. We will talk rather than fighting. Won't we mama?"

I nod at him and take his hand. Sam gently puts Luke down but Luke is still clutching his hand.

"Luke is it all right if I talk to Daddy now? I won't fight with him. Promise."

Luke puts one of his hands on his waist while he is pointing finger of his other hand to us. "Why don't you go in naughty corner and .. ah mama what was you said to me when me and Jack were fighting?"

Is he imitating me? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. "Resolve your difference." I complete his sentence.

"Yes that's it. I will stay here and watch to make sure that you don't fight."

We go in a naughty corner that Luke has indicated. Our mood is subdued after this little conversation. We are talking in hushed whisper.

"Will you tell me what's wrong?" Sam starts the conversation ball rolling.

I show him the paper that I am carrying in my purse as a reminder of Sam's duplicity.

"What's this?"

"It's the paper you discarded in the morning and told me that it is not in English and I can't read it. When it is clearly written in English. I went back to your room after you went to sleep and had a look at it. I was able to read it and can tell you that it is list for garden supplies. Though where and how could you have garden in the inner city beats me."

"I never said the paper I was holding was not in English."

"But you implied it. You were looking at it and you said to me that I can only read notes written in English."

Sam looks sheepish now. "Well I might be holding that paper but I wasn't looking at it. I was looking at you wasn't I? Spread before me in all your sensuous glory. Talking to me about business without any stitch of clothing. It was arousing as hell. What sane man would look at piece of paper in these circumstances. Tell me?"

I look everywhere but at Sam. I am justifiably embarrassed about my behaviour. This doesn't escape Sam's keen notice either.

"Oh great and now you are blushing."

"Shush....Can we please change the subject?" I point at Luke who is chasing the butterflies. "Can you please tell me about this list? Is it for garden supplies. Do you own a garden?"

He gives a cursory glance at the list. "I think it is a list for organic farm someone wanted me to invest into."

"Organic Farm? Why would you invest in a organic farm. Besides this list contains chemical fertilisers which doesn't make sense."

"Which is exactly the reason why that business didn't eventuate."

"Ok I get it. I am sorry for the outburst earlier. I made mountain out of molehill didn't I?"

"Alice I was thinking about your offer of help you made earlier."

"I don't think I can do it after Luke's outburst. You would be better of appointing a Male Secretary."

"Yes that's exactly what I was thinking. We are both stressed and overworked. What do you say we go on a holiday?"

"Holiday? Where?"

"I have to go Vegas."

"So its business trip not a holiday for you is it?"

"Yes but there is only one meeting I have to attend then I am free. We can spend time together. Go to casinos, lounge by the pools, make love, have time of our life. What do you say?"

"I can't."


"What about Luke? We can't leave him here all alone with just Joe and Alice. Especially at a time when he is feeling very insecure."

"So we take Luke with us. With Alice for babysitting when we need alone time and Joe for protection."

"Oh can we do that? That would be great. We have to make sure to spend time with Luke as well."

"So you agree to coming to Vegas with me then?"

"Yes I do."

Sam is happy now. He picks Luke up and cuddles him. "Thanks Luke. Mom and dad have resolved their difference. We are going on a holiday."

Luke starts clapping cheerfully. We are all happy at the prospect of going on a holiday.

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