Dance With Sam

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I am tiptoeing through the corridor to go to Sam's office. I am filled with self doubts. I have crossed the point of no return and must go forward. I have already wasted enough time dawdling. Sam left me almost an hour ago. He would have given up on me by now.

Earlier I half-heartedly looked at Luke's big surprise. It was a Gold fish bowl a present from Gary uncle. I gave him some craft activity to keep him occupied.

I glanced in the mirror and was greeted to the sight of my windblown and bedraggled appearance. I had to take a shower before going. I also needed a change.

I sent Alice to get my only Date dress. You can't go wrong with the 'Little Black Dress'. I would have completely chickened out if I went back to my room to take a shower. Besides if someone would have seen me going to Sam wearing the dress they would have drawn their own conclusion. However if they see Alice carrying my dress they will assume I have asked her to press it for me.

I had to make sure not to loose the PIN number written on my hand. I ripped a piece of paper out of Luke's notebook and wrote the number down with a pencil. I put the paper on the corner of the sink with the hand soap bottle on the top to make sure it stays there.

I hurried through the shower as much as possible. Then I realised I didn't have a towel. Fortunately there was Sam's bathrobe on the rail which I borrowed shamelessly.

I saw my dress placed on the corner of the sink. Alice must have slipped in the bathroom to put my dress while I was having the shower. Apparently I had taken a shower without locking the door. I had no time to be embarrassed about it.

Thankfully she was careful with my piece of paper. She had picked it up and put it back on the dress. She even used a proper paperweight to keep it there.

I had to recycle my underwear. For once I was grateful to my mom. The only thing I got from my mom is her fetish for nice underwear. 'You should always wear your best underwear in case you get hit by a bus'. Today I am not getting hit by a bus but I guess the result of what's going to happen to me will be same.

I didn't have a blow dryer or even my most basic makeup. I was in utter despair for some time. In the end I consoled to myself. Putting on the make up is not going to make me a Beauty Queen. Besides this is who I am. Sam can accept it or go to hell.

I dressed myself. I towel dried my hair and combed it using the pocket comb I found in one of the drawers. I was ready, or as ready as I ever could be for the occasion.

What shall I call it? It's not a proper Date. My man is not picking me up and we are not going out. I am meeting him in private. I am trying to keep everything a secret. I know this meeting is definitely going to involve some wild intimate encounters in a broad daylight. This is an Assignation not a Date.

'Just keep moving. One step, Two step. Just keep going. Don't turn back. You are doing good. It's just a little bit more. Look there is Sam's office door'

I peek through the half open door. Sam hears me at the same time. He tries to get up from the chair he is sitting on. It falls down because of his hurry. I am slightly mollified by this reaction.

He ignores the chair and strides towards me. He pulls me inside and in his embrace at the same time. He greets me passionately and enthusiastically indeed. All my doubts fly away at this point.

"Come" he demands. I assume he would take me to the bedroom attached to the office but he starts dragging me in the opposite direction.

I don't have any choice but to go with him. I am trying to match his long stride. He looks so impatient that he may pick me up and run if he thinks I am not keeping up.

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