Shark Infested Water

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"Ah who is it. Don't you dare come near me or I will scream." My bed is invaded by an intruder while I was sleeping. I struggle to wake up from my slumber. I open my mouth but my scream is blocked by a large hand.

"Don't worry Alice it's only me" comes Sam's grave voice in the dark. I hear him fiddling around and finally see him bathed in light of overhead night lamp.

"How did you get inside. I remember locking the door."

"I asked for the master key to the guard outside."

"Off course you did and the guard just meekly handed it out to you."

"He had no choice. The room is registered under my name."

"I want to know what happened after I left. Is the Russian still alive and well."

"Nothing happened. Ivan is alive thanks to you."

"Tell me everything."

"After I asked you to leave I expected you to argue with me but you left so quickly as if a fuse was lit under you. My anger cooled down considerably after your departure. On its heels came the realisation that I am in trouble with you. I let Ivan go immidiately. I was going to follow you to our room."

"So what took you so long?"

"It's seems the old dog has a heart condition that I didn't know about. He flopped to the grond as soon as I let him go. I had to support him again to make sure he doesn't fall down and hurt himself. Then he complained of chest pain and I gave him a CPR. Someone called the ambulance. I accompanied him to the hospital and stayed there to make sure he is ok."

"Oh my god. Is he alright?"

"Yes he was laughing and talking to me. See to your lady and leave this old man alone in peace were his words to me when I left."

"What do the doctors say?"

"He is not out of the woods yet. He has some breathing difficulty so needs an oxygen mask. He has more than 80% blockages in his arteries which will require a bypass. They can't operate on him till he is stable. The idiot is insisting that he will go to Russia to do the operation there. He wants to meet you by the way and apologies to you again."

"There is nothing to apologise. He has more than paid for his crime but I would like to visit him in the hospital."

"Alice you have too forgiving nature for your own good. We will go tomorrow or rather later today during visiting hours."

"I hope he gets better soon."

"He has the best care available. I am not worried about him. I am worried about us."

"What about us?"

"Are we still all alright after everything that happened?"

"You are the one who just accused me of being too forgiving."

"But if you can forgive Ivan why can't you forgive me?"

"It's easy to forgive a stranger. Forgiving someone closer to you is another matter."

"So I am still closer to you. Thank god for small mercies. Tell me what do I need to do to get in your good graces again? Shall I grovel?"

"I need an explanation."

"What explanation?"

"Shall I be worried about my virtue for the rest of this trip?"

"I have made quite a statement haven't I? The guys will know to leave you alone and me out of their games from now on."

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