The Cat Fight

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Sunday afternoon I am relaxing for the first time in forever. I have even managed to go to Sunday church. I am not very religious but I have gotten in a habit of going to church when I was living with Mel. I don't follow any particular Christian denomination. I just go to any nearest available church. I get to meet whole new set of people when I go there.

I walk in the pet shop to thank Gary for all his help. Luke is missing from my side today and I am feeling lonely.

Gary is busy in his shop with weekend clients. He employs a part time assistance on weekdays when the business is slow. But he is a high school dropout and isn't very reliable. Getting reliable help in this area is hard.

He needs to make a delivery across the road and asks me to look after the shop in the meantime. He supplies animals and animal products to businesses and houses in the area. He looks after the aquariums in hotels, motels and pubs. Amazingly enough, the strip club is his biggest client. It has floor to ceiling aquarium in its VIP lounges. Gary is country boy at heart and loves animals.

Its late afternoon, almost 4'o clock. My exhaustion catches up to me. I am almost dozing in the shop waiting for the next clients to come.

Suddenly a woman enters hissing and screaming at me. She tries to scratch my face with her long manicured nails. I have to run for cover. I don't understand the animosity that is radiating through her body. I am still running around ducking for cover. I have narrowly missed getting my eyes gauged out, my cheeks are bleeding.

Fortunately people come running in the shop from outside. I see Joe come in through the door and breathe a silent sigh of relief.

Joe tries to restrain the woman. She is fighting him and still trying to hurt me. Joe is very big and strong, she can't move him. She is wriggling in his grasp trying to get out. Joe is having hard time restraining her and making her leave. I cover my ears trying to block the obscenities coming from her mouth.

She is quite beautiful woman. Busty blond with what started out to be an elaborate hairdo which has tumbled out. Quite elegant if bit risqué and slightly askew clothes. In her current state she looks like very angry exotic cat whose fur has been ruffled the wrong way.

Gary comes huffing and puffing from across the road "Sal why are you here when Sam told you not to bother Alice"? So this is infamous Sally or Sharon. Sal starts shouting at me. I can't speak or write most of the words that are coming through her mouth. Let's just say it is full of filth.

I slowly piece together the gist of what she is saying. She is Sam's latest and most favourite squeeze. He pays for her upkeep and keeps her in latest style. She doesn't have to work anymore. It's very comfortable position. He even took her to Vegas with him for almost one week.

For some reason she thinks that I am trying to take over her place in Sam's bed. She is outraged of the fact that an ordinary looking girl is threatening her position. Joe finally bodily lifts her and takes her away. He makes everybody else leave as well.

I am absolutely shocked by the encounter. Gary is still there trying to make sure I am all right. I have few scratches and a bump but I will survive at least physically. Emotionally I am still dazed.

"What was all that about?" I ask Gary. Gary is quite nervous and stumbles over his words. "Alice, I think she heard Sam asking me how you were settling in ".

So Sam is back. I was told that he had gone away on business. But in reality he left his young son in the dubious care of some wanna be strippers and went to Vegas with his latest squeeze, the irresponsible, horrible bastard.

I am absolutely outraged. I ask Gary as calmly as possible. "Is it possible for me to speak to Sam now?" I think Gary is not fooled by my calm demeanour. But he is probably drawing some wrong conclusion about the reason for my anger.

"Alice Sam is quite busy now. Can you speak to him later" I use as much force as possible with my height disadvantage. "I want to speak to him NOW" I stomp my foot accompanied by this sentence. Then I start to leave to go to the strip club across the road. At this point Gary gives up "Alice wait I will make a phone call and ask him to come here. You can't go there alone". He quickly pulls his mobile and passes my request to the person on the other end.

I am going to give him 5 minutes to come or I am going there myself.

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