Meet the Parent

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In exactly 10 minutes, we hear a distant roar of another motorbike. Thankfully, it sounds like that person has parked in an authorised parking spot outside the school.

After few minutes, we hear a soft knock on the principal's office. We all are eagerly waiting for Luke's dad Sam to come in. The principal asks him to enter and he comes inside.

I thought Joe is big and hefty but Sam is even bigger and taller. I have never seen such a tall and powerfully muscled man in real life. He makes me feel really puny in comparison. Even the principal is looking at him with round eyes and open mouth.

He has blond hair and blond cropped beard. He is dressed properly in jeans, T-shirt and a leather jacket, but I think he has woken up after he got our phone call. He is looking at us with large bloodshot eyes.

Joe meanwhile has reverted to his tame wolfhound persona. He has gotten up from his chair and is standing respectfully in one corner. If he had a tail, he would have wagged at Sam. Apart from trying to wag his non-existent tail, he is studying one of the intricate dragon tattoos on his hands and not meeting Sam's eyes.

Sam just glances at him and discounts him. Then he looks at me and quickly judges me as person with no importance. He faces the principal next and makes a right conclusion that she is the person he needs to talk.

Luke the little rat, who is sitting on my lap up until now deserts me and goes to his dad. Sam absently ruffles his hair and sits down on the chair vacated by Joe, with Luke on his lap.

Sam starts talking in a barely noticeable foreign accent, "Good Afternoon Mam, I am Sam, Luke's father. Can you please tell me what the issue is? "

Principal gives him brief overview of the situation. Sam processes all of it quickly and nods his head.

"I am sorry for the trouble this has caused you Mam. I will correct the mistake now and fill out the necessary paperwork if you would let me".

I notice that Sam is speaking correct and proper English, as if he may have learnt English by using 'Teach yourself English'.

I believe this to be the case as I had gone through a phase of teaching myself Mandarin Chinese using self-help CDs. Mel tried to help me with learning Chinese, when I was going through this phase, but it's not easy to teach someone your own native tounge as a foreign language.

If my assumption is correct and Sam has taught himself English, then his English is really good. I have to give him credit, for succeeding in something in which I have failed miserably.

I am broken out of my reverie by principal's voice. "Miss Campbell can you take Mr. Sam to the main office to get the paperwork filled in"

My mouth is hanging open at this point. The principal is letting him go scot free, without any sort of lecture or even few words about his irresponsible behaviour. She is also literally throwing me to a lion, but she is the boss and I have to obey.

May be she is letting him go because this is his first mistake but most probably it is because she is feeling cowed by Sam. Now that I think about it, she lives in this area and has worked in the school for some time. She must know Sam, if not personally then by reputation.

I awkwardly get up from the chair I am sitting on. My feet have fallen asleep, when I was sitting with Luke on my lap. I hobble on my feet and ask them to come with me to the main office. The two big guys follow me with Luke in tow.

It is very scary. If I was not in the school office building with principal behind me, I would have run screaming at this point. I try to walk with them rather than ahead of them but they slow down even further, and keep a respectful distance.

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