Coming Home

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I am in the park looking for Luke. I won't admit even to myself but I am looking for Sam as well. It's a clear, crisp morning. Time is 9'o clock.

I came home an hour ago. Dumped my bags in my room, had a hasty shower, blow dried my hair, applied light make up. I diddled on what to wear for some time from my meagre collection of presentable clothes. In the end I chose my best jeans and top. I am meeting Luke not going on a date.

I hurried to Sam's suit of rooms to find Alice alone cleaning the kitchen.

"Luke is in the park. Sam has taken him out", she informed me.

My feet are bringing me here. I am looking everywhere for them. I see Joe doing a sentry duty on the pathway. They must be in the vicinity.

Finally I see them standing at the edge of the pond. They can't see me as they are facing the other way with their backs to me. Sam is skipping pebbles on the pond and Luke is watching. One Two Three Four Five Six. The pebble performs six skips and lands at the other end of the pond. Luke is clapping in delight. I am rooted to the spot with fascination. Sam is talking to Luke probably asking him to find another perfect pebble. They both turn around. Luke does not see me. He is preoccupied in his task of looking for the next pebble to skip, Sam does. He is watching me feasting on him.

I find myself running. Now Sam is rooted to the spot waiting for me to come to him. I don't look at anything else not even Luke. The only thing I can see is Sam. I fly towards him. I am engulfed in his embraced.

Suddenly I loose the support of the ground beneath me. I am being spun around, round and round till I get dizzy. I am being crushed to the solid wall of his chest and getting kissed till I am out of breath. The cycle of spinning, crushing and kissing continues. I can feel his need and heat through layers of clothing. We are so lost in each other that we don't even notice Luke.

Finally I come to the ground. Sam tucks me between his shoulder and his arm. His wraps his arm around me and holds my waist. Part of his hand touches my butt.

I am now conscious of Luke who wants our attention. I try to get out of the embrace. Sam is not letting me put any distance between us. As soon he senses me starting to separate he pulls me back with crook of his arm and makes sure I am where he wants me to be. I don't put much of a fight. I don't really want to pull away from him anyway.

Now Luke wants to give me a hug. Sam realises he will have to let me go. He reluctantly starts taking his arm away. I feel his lingering touch everywhere. At last I am free of his touch and instantly miss it.

I concentrate on Luke. I give him a big hug. Sam is hugging both of us. Luke is very excited to see me. He wants to tell me everything that happened in two days, I was away. The park is filled with his incessant chatter.

Meanwhile I can feel Sam's eyes eating me up and his covert touches in most inappropriate places.

I am overwhelmed by everything. I can't stop Sam but I can distract Luke. I point at the swing set and slide nearby. Luke is easily diverted. He wants to go on the swing.

He bounds the small distance towards the swing and climbs on it. He wants my help with the swing. I push the swing from the back to make it go back and forth.

Now Sam is embracing me from behind . He is all over me. I am not used to so much touching in the public.

"For gods sake what are you doing? We are in the park in full view of everyone" I whisper to him.

"I will let you go now but be prepared when we are alone" he purrs in my ears

"You are all talk no action" I mumble

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