Vegas Trip

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Vegas the city of dreams and I am here on holiday for almost a week. Once Sam gets something in his head he can certainly make it happen. The movement I said 'Yes' to his holiday idea I found myself packing my bags, buying new clothes that I didn't need and having a total makeover including a full body tan. All expenses were paid for by my most managing 'Boyfriend'. Well most of the things were done at his insistence and for his benefit.

I was bundled in my latest finery, rushed to the airport and was on board of the plane in less than three days. Again nothing would do but to travel Business class for all of us.

At the Vegas airport we were picked up by the Limo and dropped off at this six star hotel where we were welcomed by manager himself. Then we were shown to the top floor executive suit of rooms. The only thing that was missing was the red carpet.

Sam provided his credit card everywhere without batting an eyelash. If it was me I would be having heart palpation by now for all the money we have spent so far.

For the first time in our relationship I have uncomfortable realisation about the true extent of Sam's wealth. Unlike most self made people he never boasts about his money. He likes flashy new cars and equally expensive bikes but that's the extent of his extravagance.

After coming here in the morning he abandoned me with Alice, Joe and Luke. I was offered a wad of cash and a credit card. I was given pat on the head and told to go shopping or do something else to keep myself busy and out of the trouble.

'I have to go to this little meeting but I should be back shortly'. That was almost eight hours ago. Little meeting my foot.

I made use of most of my time doing sightseeing like a true tourist. We set off to take walk on the Vegas strip but soon the heat of the desert forced us in. We took advantage of the hotel's kid friendly swimming pool and activity lounge. We took lunch in the hotel/cafe served by singing dancing waitstaff dressed liked munchkins. The sight and sounds of it all had not only Luke but all of us gaping.

However soon Luke got tired and sleepy due to time difference. We were forced to come back. Now it's late evening almost night. I can see the strip coming to life through the window of my hotel. Everything around me is shining with dazzling lights.

A phone rings in our room. It's from Sam. He is asking me how my day was and telling me to get ready. He would come soon and we will go to the casino downstairs.

After about an hour's time there is knock on the door. I am disappointed to find Joe instead of Sam outside the door. Sam is still tied up but I can come down with Joe and he will meet me in the casino. At least he didn't keep me waiting in our room.

I try to understand his side. For him this trip is business. We are just tagging along as an accessory. There is this exclusive ball he has to attend in two days time. He can't exactly attend a ball without a partner. I am going to have an accident and spill some red wine on his beautifully tailored shirt during this ball.

The casino floor is crowded and it's impossible to spot Sam with my height but I am with Joe. All the crowd around me parts like a Red Sea did for Moses. I am guided to Sam's side and delivered in his hand safely. He smiles at me and extends his hand to hold but continues talking to men around him in what I think is German.

I try to remember German that I learnt in high school. It was either that or French. All I can remember is 'Danke' which means Thank you.

Then he switches to what I suspect is French or it could be Russian. That's the extent of my linguistic skills.

Soon I get bored with all the multilingual conversation and start looking around. There is some intense high stake play happening at the baccarat table. It looks like the man just lost Millions of dollars on a single draw of card.

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