The Usual Suspect

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"Yes Ms. Campbell you were something about Dimitri?" the detective prompts me to continue.

I don't have much time to think. The police already consider Dimitri as the prime suspect and Sam has reinforced that doubt by putting forward is suicide /murder theory. I can use it and expand on it.

"I don't know what he was saying off course as he was talking exclusively in Russian but" I take a deep breath here "but he was extremely angry with Sam for distressing Ivan. He started threatening my husband."

I break in the sob here. The sob is quite genuine. I can still remember the terror I felt when Sam had that gun pointed at his head. At the time I was still taking it as a joke or setup arranged by Sam but today it is very real indeed.

"Then he.." I hiccup and my voice wavers. "He took out his gun and pointed at Sam. He ..."

I get a hysterical note in my speech which is not completely fake. The ramifications of all the events leading to my current predicament are hitting me hard. I feel cast adrift in the huge ocean without Sam's comforting hand.

I notice the detective perking up at the mention of the gun but he doesn't interrupt me so I continue on.

"He cocked the gun and pushed it on Sam's temple. I was in hysterics and crying. Sam being Sam was joking and trying to comfort me with the gun pointed at his head. That's when the idiot man told me about his will."

"He had a gun you say?" the detective can't contain his curiosity any more. "Mr. Sam why didn't you want me to know about Mr. Dimitri's gun?"

"Why is the gun important?" Sam has his suspicion about why detective is interested in Dimitri's gun.

"What kind of gun was it?" The detective ignores Sam's question and in a way confirms his suspicion.

"I didn't note down the make or model. It was touching my head. At that close range anything even a toy gun can be fatal."

"Did anybody else except you or Ms Campbell see that gun? Can anyone else verify that he had a gun?"

"Unfortunately no. Joe wasn't with us in the ward. There was no one else."

"He had .." I try to interrupt. The detective looks at me asking me to continue "He had it holstered when we were getting married. May be the chaplain or someone else present at the time can confirm it."

The detective turns to Sam now. "Mr Sam do you or Mr Joe have gun currently with you?"

"No. I flew on a plane from oversees. Neither me or Joe have licence to carry in US. Why all the interest in guns? Was Ivan killed using a gun?"

The detective is still trying to keep all his cards closer to his chest. He does not answer Sam's question.

"Mr. Dimitri also came here from Russia. How was he able to get a gun?"

The detective's question is purely rhetorical. Sam looks pensive. "I never considered this. I am not sure how he was able to procure that gun."

The detective gets off and offers handshake to Sam. "Mr. Sam" and nods in my direction "Ms. Campbell" you have been cooperative so far. I will cross check the information you have given me. I will call on you if I need anything more. For now you are free as long as you stay in Vegas."

"Can I see Ivan?" Sam is good at asking the hard questions.

"Not until the autopsy is complete. I would advice you to go alone. Don't take Ms. Campbell with you. He was killed at closed range. It's not a pretty."

The detective gives us more details of Ivan's death before leaving us alone which means we are out of list of suspects for now.

Sam wants to go as well as soon as the detective leaves.

"Where are you going?" I literally scream at him. I am turning into shrew wife in just one day.

"I have to do something. I can't sit on my bum doing nothing. I have some contacts. Someone might be able to help us out."

He is looking for answers. I don't want to stop him from going and breed resentment between us. I put my hand on his wide chest. "Please be careful. I don't want to loose you too."

He gives me a hug and a kiss in return. "Yes I will. You take care as well. Don't leave the hotel." Then he is addressing Joe. "Look after them."

He leaves me without a backward glance. He doesn't come back for the whole day. I spend my first day of marriage without my husband. Is this sign for things to come?

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