Not Here Not Now

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To the third party observer we are a perfect golden couple who are in love. We have even given an exclusive interview to the 'Block News'. We are the block's famous celebrity couple.

The reality is quite different. Sam has started his own method of wooing me and I am still resisting. He acts like a conquerer laying a siege to my heart and my body. By now I am ready to give over my body but I don't want to loose my heart. He refuses to accept anything but a total surrender.

In the morning there is work and I am busy. I did get some flake at work but not lot of problems. No one really wants to admit that they have seen, let alone read the 'Block News'. My going on offensive strategy works. I also tell the principal about my exclusive interview. I tell her that I am giving the interview as a damage control mechanism. She makes some noise but there is not a lot she can do. Who I go out with and what I do in my private life is none of her business anyway.

Kate is distant to me but there is nothing I can do about it. I try to be cordial with everyone and everyone is cordial to me. There is some finger pointing and whispering. I see some teachers talking among themselves and suddenly going quiet when I enter. I hold my head high and ignore all of it.

People have short memory they will soon forget all the drama and move on.

Some parents want to know that I am still going to teach. I don't know what's going to happen. I try to reassure them as best as I can. The parents also tell me that I am the best teacher their child could have.

The praise may be genuine or they are simply sucking up to me. I know for a fact that the livelihood of most people in this area depend on Sam's goodwill. If he doesn't directly own certain business then he has major stake or vested interest in that business. Not all the businesses are above board.

Sam comes over after school to be with Luke and me. We go to a park or a walk if the weather is good. We spend time indoors playing with Luke if weather is bad. He plays with Luke while I cook or prepare for the next day at school. He is there when I help Luke out with his homework or read him a story.

Sometimes other people visit us, the owners of businesses he has invested in, people asking him money for their new business venture or bail them out of their current financial difficulty. Most of them are my friends and allies I have made in what feels like a previous lifetime. His mobile phone keeps on ringing almost constantly and he has to shut it off to get some peace and quiet.

Life is certainly hectic. We both work, and have a child to look after. We both have different work times. I in the morning and afternoon at school. Sam's main hours of work is nighttime but his business is such that it never ends. I get days off in the weekends, which are his busiest time of work. So one would think that there is not a lot of time we can be alone, this is true during daytimes. Night however is another matter.

I have started to dread the night time. A full day work at school and looking after a child at home are certainly tiring. Still I am reluctant to go to sleep. I lie on my bed and try to stay awake as much as possible. I end up dozing off soon anyway. This is the time he uses to attack. He comes to me, in the middle of the night, when I am alone, asleep and most vulnerable.

He joins me in the bed and starts his own brand of wooing. We start kissing, cuddling and progress to heavy petting. He gets me all hot and bothered, then he suddenly stops. I want to kick him where it would really hurt at this point. He certainly looks uncomfortable there. He blows hot and then becomes cold. He leaves me on my bed and goes merrily back to his work.

I try to take over the control of these make out sessions. He lets me take over up to a point. Then he tells me to stop or I will find myself on the floor. I have been picked out of my own bed and dumped on the floor twice already.

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