Chapter One

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“Please, I am begging you,” he said, rounding his eyes in innocence. He knew those pearly green orbs could melt any heart that looks into it, “You know how I feel, and how can you stand here and make as if you don’t care about me.”

                Maybe if he shed a tear, his plea might just work. Working on it, he blinked his eyes as it started to water.

                “Please Amy,” he pleaded, as his voice choked.

                I looked at the man kneeling in front of me as he looked up at me like a sad puppy. With his silky brown hair he doesn’t look anything like a lost puppy, instead he looked like someone I can’t trust.

“Amelia Hart,” he said, pronouncing each syllable of my name, “I promise you, this will be the last time.”

                “Last time!” I repeated huffily, “That’s what you said previously. I can’t trust you, Sean.”

                Sean Richardson blinked away the crocodile tears and stared at me, assuming his innocent pose again. I will not be fooled by that round, green eyes again.

                “Amy,” he said, “Please, you can’t be like this.”

                “Watch me,” I said as I stood up in my office. Sean who was kneeling on the ground, stood up quickly, towering over me, but I don’t even feel intimidated by him.

                “I will do anything for you,” he said, taking my hands in his.

                “Jump off the building, then,” I said in a mean tone, as he looked at me unperturbed. I knew he wouldn’t do it.

                “Anything, but that,” he said, as he ran his hand through his hair, sighing.

                “You can’t keep doing this, Sean,” I said, but I know any advice would just go through one of is ears and go out the other. It’s like pouring water over yam leaves; you can keep poring but the leaves will never soak up the water.

                “I promise you it’s the last time,” he said, “I’m done with chasing after girls.”

                I looked at him, could he be telling the truth?

                “Okay, say I believe you,” I said, “I will help you this last time. The next time you get into a relationship, it’s your funeral. I will act as your girlfriend this last time.”

                “Oh Amy, I love you!” Sean said, as he grabbed me in a bear hug. I struggled to let go.

                “Let go of me Sean,” I said, pushing him away as he laughed.

                “I will treat you to lunch for a week this time,” he said, as I looked at him despondently.

                “A week is it?” I said contemplatively, “Okay, sounds like a good deal. Better than a day like the last time.”

                “Okay, see you later, Amy,” Sean said as he left my office, “I will call you tonight.”

                I sighed as I sat back on my chair looking at my personal computer. I don’t seem to have the interest to continue my work, so I opened my Angry Birds game and played it to take my mind off things. This is almost the tenth time I’ve been helping Sean to settle his girlfriends’ problems since I knew him.

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