Chapter Five

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“Hello?” I asked as the line went silent. Did they put down the phone?

                “Yes we’re here,” Aunt Marie said. They must have almost fainted from shock. Well at least that kept them quiet.

                “You have a boyfriend?” Aunt Esther asked.

                “Yes I do,” I said, as I searched my head for more to describe my invisible boyfriend, “He’s tall and very good-looking and has a good job. We’ve been in love for quite some time now, but I didn’t want to tell the family just yet.”

                “Oh, what does he work as?” Aunt Jo asked, “Surely he’s not as rich as a Duke, is he?”

                Damn what do I say? I thought frantically to myself.

                “Oh he is rich all right,” I said, trying to sound confident, “He’s just working in my company as a second job. He’s actually quite rich because his father has businesses all over the country.”

                “Oh really?” Aunt Marie asked, as I nodded my head, chewing on the bottom of my lip. It’s not like they’re going to meet him, so it’s fine for me to make him up.

                “So you’re bringing him for the wedding, aren’t you?” Aunt Esther asked me, as I froze. If I say I can’t they’ll think that I’m lying.

                “Err,” I said.

                “Don’t tell me he’s busy, dear,” Aunt Marie said, sweetly menacing, “Can’t he spare just a week for his future sister-in-law’s wedding, after all he is rich isn’t he?”

                “Err, yeah of course he can come,” I said, thinking of breaking up with my imaginary boyfriend just before leaving for UK.

                “So we’re all looking forward to seeing you and him together,” Aunt Marie said.

                “Unless you’re not just making him up to make yourself feel better in front of us,” Aunt Jo said, guessing me correctly.

                “Why I should make a lie about my boyfriend,” I said as confidently as I could, “I will bring him along and you can meet him for yourselves.”

                “We’ll be looking forward to that,” Aunt Marie said as I heard Alexandra’s voice in the background.

                “Are you guys done talking to Amy?” she asked them, as they answered her, “Dad’s calling you guys from the outside now.”

                As we said goodbye and they hung up the phone, I slumped forward on the table and thumped my head on the hard wood. What just happened? Why couldn’t I just shut my mouth? Why did I always let my Aunts win, letting them make me feel inferior. Why can’t I just stand their torture? Why am I so weak? And to top it all off, where am I going to get a ready-made boyfriend? I can’t possibly speed-date within a month – I might get a wrong person and he’ll ruin the whole situation.

                “What to do!” I wailed to myself, as I slid off the chair and slumped to the ground. I heard my office door open, but I couldn’t be bothered to see who it was. Let it be.

                “Amy,” I heard Sean’s voice from the doorway.

                “What?” I said weakly, as I heard his footsteps come nearer.

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