Chapter Nine

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The next day, the wedding planners started putting out the tent on the field beside the castle, where the wedding ceremony was going to be held. I was out the whole day with all the girls to get our dresses. The guys were out to get their tuxedos. This time I had fun as my aunts decided to be extra nice to me. It was a change, and I felt relieved to be out of their scrutiny.

                When we got back, I didn’t get to see Sean, as we were running around helping the wedding planners. I could feel the excitement for the wedding building up inside of me. After dinner, I looked for Sean but I couldn’t find him. I asked my mother if she saw him, and she said that he went for a walk with my father. I wondered what my father wanted to talk to him. I went out of the castle and found them in the garden, deep in conversation. I hid behind the pillar to eavesdrop.

                “Why are you going out with Amy?” my father asked Sean.

                “Because I love her,” he answered. Why is dad grilling Sean? I’m sure he never did those to Al’s and Ad’s boyfriends.

                “You know, Sean,” my father said as he looked into the distance, “I’ve never told this to her, but Amy is my favorite daughter. She was always so quiet in school and she didn’t have many friends. I always want what’s best for her, and I hope you are the best for her.”

                Tears started to fill my eyes. Sorry for lying to you, dad, I said silently. I can’t tell him the truth now and see his face filled with disappointment. Maybe it would be better if he thought I was happy now.

                “I hope I am,” Sean said, as I continued to listen in on their conversation, “She is the best that I ever had, but I don’t know if I’m the best for her.”

                “Why do you even like my daughter?” My father asked Sean, “And don’t tell me you don’t know the reason.”

                “Of course I know why I like Amy,” Sean said, chuckling, “I like everything about her. I like the way she’d chew on her lower lip when she was nervous or deep in thought.”

                How does he know that?

                “And the way that she could raise only one of her eyebrows,” Sean said, laughing, “I can never raise one eyebrow. You see.”

                He raised both his eyebrows as my father laughed at him.

                “I’ve noticed that too,” my father said.

                “I like the way she’s so clumsy at times, and yet she could be a matured woman at other times,” Sean continued, looking into the distance, “I like the way she fumbles when she’s nervous, making everyone around her as nervous as well. Best of all, I like the way she always makes me laughs whenever I feel down. She never fails to lift my spirit, and I know that if I’m ever in any trouble, she’d be the first to run to my side.”

                “You really like her, do you?” my father asked him, as he nodded his head.

                “I really do,” Sean said, as my heart glowed for him. I know although he may be coming up with those words as part of our act, but I could feel the sincerity in his words, “She really is my best friend at all times.”

                “That is why you are willing to act as her boyfriend?” my father asked as I gasped. Sean looked at him in surprise, not able to utter even a word.

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