Chapter 2

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On Monday morning, I drove to work in my silver Hyundai as usual, greeting my co-workers and holding a cup of coffee I bought from the vendor in front of the office building. Phoenix Advertising Company sits in the heart of New Cork City, standing to almost twenty story's tall. My office was on the tenth floor and I'd take the elevator everyday up. Sean's office is right beside mine too.

                As I entered my office, my friend, Melissa ran up to me excitedly. She was about a head shorter than me with curly red hair, and a cute elfish face. She was a year older than me and she's currently engaged to a guy named Jason who works in the Public Relations department. Melissa works in my department as a personal assistant to the head of Advertising, Mr. Steven Johnson. The fact that she's so free to come and find me shows that Mr. Johnson is not in the office.

                "Amy, you would not believe what I just heard," she told me in a dramatic whisper as I entered my office and she closed the door behind her.

                "What is it?" I asked, sipping my coffee, "Someone drove into someone else's car again?"

                It had happened countless of time that I lack the surprised expression anymore. People seem to have not learnt how to drive properly and drive into other cars for fun these days.

                "No," Melissa said, "I heard that your sweetheart, Mr. Jared Turner just broke up with his girlfriend."

                I spit out the coffee in my mouth in surprise, as Melissa gasped and reached for a paper towel to wipe off the stain on my table. I gaped at her in surprise. Mr. Jared Turner is the guy, no – the man – that I'm in love with right now. Well, you could call it love when my legs shake and my heart beats faster every single time I see him – although I've never personally talked to him.

                "No way!" I said, shaking my head. Mr. Jared Turner had been with his girlfriend, Ms. Ruby Bernstein ever since I could remember. They've been going out for a long time, and I knew I never had a chance with him. My head is suddenly concocting ideas on how I could be the shoulder he could cry on right now that he's broken up with his girlfriend.

                "Now don't you start coming up with weird ideas, Amy," Melissa said, guessing me very well, "He's still hung up on her. I heard that he never shaved for almost a week."

                "How come I didn't know about this?" I asked Melissa suspiciously.

                "Hey even I just heard it this morning from his secretary, Linda," Melissa said defensively, as I looked out the window.

                "How am I going to get him to notice me?" I wondered out loud to Melissa. Mr. Jared was the only person I could envision spending the rest of my life with, but he was happily in love with his high school sweetheart. I've heard that they've had arguments now and then, but never to the extent of breaking up. I don't wish for him to break up, but as long as he's with her, there's no chance of me to be with him.

                "There's no use, Amy," Melissa said, sitting on the small sofa in my office. I've known Melissa since the day I came in. I was nervous and shy the first day, and she was the first person who said 'hi' to me, and since that day we've been best of friends, besides Sean of course. There were four of us in the group, consisting of me, Melissa, Sean and Oliver who was Sean's friend at first. He's working in the administration department, "You know that even if they break up, there might be a chance of them getting back together again."

                "Well, a girl can hope, can't she?" I said to Melissa bitterly.

                "Hope for someone else then," Melissa said, "Why do you want to get entangled with Mr. Jared. He's almost ten years older than you."

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