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Sinking Love (Sequel)✔ by werewolf10101
Sinking Love (Sequel)✔by Lea
(Sequel to Teen wolf Derek hale.) Layla and Derek are back again! They are still deeply in love with each other, they think they'll end up with a happily ever after but...
Anything For You (Larry Stylinson) by Larrys_Girl
Anything For You (Larry Stylinson)by Pauline ✌🏼️
❝Harry, why are you growing your hair out?❞ ❝Because I want you to like me.❞ In which Harry dresses and acts like a girl just to make Louis like him. Or, in which Harry...
Love Elevator by miss_oline
Love Elevatorby Caroline
Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and...
sequel to liar "I've told you 100 lies. but now I tell you a single truth. I love you" "don't expect me to just take you back. you hurt me so so badly. ho...
 F A N by _melina_07_
"أطلب ٱخر طلب منى" "أريد عناقك الدافئ ، و كلامتك المحفذة و شفاهك المذيبه لكيانى.." Kim taehyung Started : 15.2.2022 Ended : 19.3.2022 'الروايه فصول...
*Outfits* by MeliBug
*Outfits*by Amelia
just come cool outfits ! ~Teenage girls dream~ Check it out;-;
The Untold Truth (Poetry) by Princess_Pink746
The Untold Truth (Poetry)by 🦋youdidwell🦋
"Poetry is thoughts that breath, and words that burn" Thomas Gray Just some poetry I wrote! It's not the best, but I do tell you everything I write comes from...
The Suffer of the Silenced by samanthaaaaa
The Suffer of the Silencedby Samantha
Lillian lives in a home where she is abused by her dad. One day she runs away to her family that has been kept a secret from her and meets Landon, the one guy who would...
Situationships  by NanaVGarises
Situationships by Nana Garises
This piece of writing is inspired by a couple I over heard talking about their "situation-ship". What I over heard brought so many memories. She was putting h...
I Bullied Harry Styles? *Narry Storan*  Complete by Oh_How_Original
I Bullied Harry Styles? *Narry Laura
I bullied the nerd that was known as 'Freak boy' and other various names, little did I know that that would be my biggest regret...
The Unlucky  by werewolf10101
The Unlucky by Lea
Layla Antonio is a twenty-one year old, she has a daughter that is one years old and lives with her ex boyfriend's family why? You may ask, well because she has no where...
Justin Bieber Imagines by futuristicgrethan
Justin Bieber Imaginesby multifandom sarah
These are Justin Bieber Imagines. If you want one, inbox me. Don't be upset if I don't do yours, I'll get to it eventually. Enjoy! ©futuristicgrethan
Create An Attack On Titan Character by DrawingLotsMax
Create An Attack On Titan Characterby Max
***note! You are allowed to create a titan shifter! If you so chose! But you have to fill out both, human and titan!*** PS I will be making a story on my character and t...
Tips for Girls by ChangingLikeTheSeas
Tips for Girlsby Lily Violette
Write Us a Happy Ending... by Cherikella
Write Us a Happy Tᴜʀɴ ᴜᴘ ᴛʜᴇ Cʜᴇʀɪᴋ
Writers!AU Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr are two of the best-selling authors in the world. Apart they're brilliant; together they're a force to be recon with. Howeve...
My Art (and requests!) by HikariandTiko
My Art (and requests!)by ひかり
well, the title pretty much says it all. But ya you can see what art I've done, request something for me to draw, hope you enjoy it!
My One And Only (Original Work) by AureliaCrystal
My One And Only (Original Work)by Aurelia Crystal
Sean and Amelia are the bestest of friends - a platonic one at that too. Sean has many girlfriends and always asks Amelia to pose as his girlfriend when he wants to brea...
Life after the starstruck  by kikisweetatlove
Life after the starstruck by kikisweetatlove
Plot: Jessica and Christopher are planing Christy 14 birthday party / going to high school. But their is one twist Christopher have to go shot a movie 3 days before her...
this is how i think,how i feel. can't you see it? by JanuaryHarper
this is how i think,how i feel. January
this is me writing what is inside my head. they're composed of different situations but they have one thing in common its all inside my head.