Chapter Fourteen

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Two days later, when I was walking to the pantry to get a cup of coffee for myself, Sean stopped me in front of his office. He got back the day before, and he called me numerous times but I never answered. I texted him and told him that I was out with Jared when in fact I was at home, nursing my heart break with soppy love movies. I haven’t talked to Jared in a long time too.

                “Why aren’t you answering my calls?” Sean asked me as he stopped me outside his office.

                “I told you I was out last night,” I said as he glared at me.

                “With your sweetheart?” he asked as I nodded my head and headed for the pantry. He walked ahead and opened the door an inch, before he stepped back. I rammed him hard as I wasn’t watching where I was going.

                “What’s wrong?” I asked him, as he stood at the doorway blocking me.

                “Let’s go elsewhere,” he said, turning and holding me by the elbow.

                “No, I want to make coffee,” I said, trying to pull my arm away.

                “Please listen to me, and let’s go,” he said, and I could see his eyes stealing glances to the pantry. What is it that he doesn’t want me to see?

                “Stop it Sean!” I said, as I pushed him aside and opened the pantry door slightly. I could hear voices inside, so I poked my head slightly to see Jared and his ex-girlfriend, Ruby talking in the pantry. Was that what Sean didn’t want me to see?

                “I don’t know if I should believe you or not, Jared,” Ruby was saying. It was wrong of me to eavesdrop, so I turned to leave.

                “But I haven’t been seeing Amy for a long time now,” I stopped when I heard Jared say my name. Why is he talking about me? I stood close to the door to listen, as I could feel Sean standing close behind me, listening in to their conversation too. I could vaguely feel his hand on my shoulder.

                “I don’t care what you do, Jared,” Ruby said, as I saw Jared shift from where he was sitting to stand in front of Ruby, placing both his hands on her shoulder.

                “I did everything for you,” he said as she glared at him.

                “What do you mean by that?” she asked him, “How could you going out with her have to do anything with me?”

                “I only went out with her to make you jealous,” Jared said, as Sean gasped behind me.

                “What?” Ruby asked.

                “I only wanted you to realize that I am important to you,” Jared said as I felt Sean’s grip on my shoulder tightened, “She is nothing to me. I went out with her to see whether it would make you feel anything because I wanted to know if you loved me as much as I loved you.”

                “Of course I love you,” Ruby said, tears springing her eyes.

                “But why don’t you want to get married to me?” Jared asked her, “I’ve asked you countless of times and you never say yes. I thought that you don’t love me.”

                “Of course I love you, a lot,” she said, sobbing, “I’m just afraid. My dad left my mom after they got married and I’m afraid you’d do the same. I can’t go through the heart ache of losing you.”

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