Chapter Six

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Before I knew it, a month had passed and I was on the plane flying towards UK with Sean on the seat beside me. Everything felt like it was flying past at a fast pace; my job, the shopping for identical clothing and everything else. The only thing is the plane flight seemed to be taking centuries. Why is it when I want the time to slow down, it goes by so fast, but when I want this ordeal to end, it seemed to crawl by the milliseconds? The slow plane trip made me think about Mr. Jared. I remembered a week after he came to find me about my PC, someone from his department came over to check my PC, and then realized that they are looking at the wrong PC. Apparently the report was for another PC, but the person who submitted the report gave the wrong serial number. It was supposed to be the Finance department’s PC.

                “What?” I asked when, Andy, the IT specialist checked my PC.

                “Yeah, Linda took down the serial number,” Andy said, “But I guess Ms. Elisa gave her the wrong number and that is why I thought it was your PC, so I put up a note in the office for someone to check your PC and I guess Mr. Jared saw it. He scolded me for putting up the wrong information because I was not on duty the day that he checked the PC.”

                “Oh, that is why he came to ask about my PC the other day?” I asked Andy. I felt silly to think that Mr. Jared came to me for other reasons. I looked at Sean sleeping off beside me, and wished if only he was a few years older and more mature and sincere; maybe I could be in love with him.

                We were taken by a limousine, specially sent by my future brother-in-law, at the airport. I’ve never been in a limo before, and I was shouting for glee at everything that I saw in the limo, as Sean watched me lazily.

                “Wow, look there’s a mini-bar in here!” I exclaimed, opening the mini-bar and taking stock of the drinks in it, “Will it be okay to drink it?”

                “I don’t think you want to consume any alcohol before meeting with your family,” Sean said as a matter-of-factly. I looked at him, and looked around the limo.

                “It’s so awesome,” I said, bouncing on the seat. Sean looked at me, as he moved closer to me. My heart started to beat faster. What is he trying to do? I thought as I slid on the leather seat away from him. He came close and looked at me, smiling, as his hand turned a switch on the roof.

                “Huh?” I blinked at him as he slid back to the corner.

                “The limo drivers could hear every single word that you were saying,” Sean said as I rounded my eyes at him.

                “Oh my god, that is so embarrassing,” I said, covering my face and laying down on the seat, banging my fist on the seat, feeling the blood rush to my face, “They must be thinking what a country girl I am!”

                “They must be having the time of their lives laughing at you,” Sean said, snickering as I sat up and glared at him.

                “Why didn’t you turn it off earlier?” I demanded, “It could have saved my honor.”

                “It was fun to watch,” Sean said simply as I glared daggers at him.

                “What a jerk!” I muttered angrily.

                “That’s not the way to talk to your boyfriend,” Sean said, wagging his finger at me

                “We’re not there yet,” I said, crossing my arms across my chest.

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