Chapter Three

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On Friday evening, Sean drove the gang to Vernon Mountains, the coldest place in Amrica. He drove his Jeep; as he had different cars for different purposes. Oliver, Melissa and her fiancée, Jason joined us in the trip. Sean had already reserved a mountain cabin for us with three rooms. Oliver and Sean shared a room, while Melissa shared a room with Jason and I got a room all to myself, just the way I liked it. The first thing I did when we arrived was to lay on the bed and go to sleep. Our adventures would start the next morning.

                “Wake up, old lady!” Sean’s voice disturbed my beautiful dream where Mr. Jared was kneeling in front of me, about to ask my hand in marriage. What a killjoy! I thought to myself, as Sean sat on my bed, waking me up. I covered my face with a pillow as she shook me awake, “Come one, Amy! Is this the way to embrace new things?”

                “Go away!” I said, my voice muffled by the pillow.

                “Not until you wake up!” Sean said firmly, as I kicked away his hand that was shaking my leg.

                “I’m awake!” I snapped, as I pushed the pillow away, “I don’t want you to see how I look in the morning.”

                “Come on, Amy,” Sean said, chuckling, “There’s nothing to shock me about how you look.”

                I sat up looking at Sean, very well aware of my hair which was sticking out in all directions, as he smiled at me.

                “There’s no need to be shy with your future husband,” Sean said as I rounded my eyes at him in surprise and threw the pillow at him.

                “Get out!” I said, as he chuckled and got up from the bed.

                “Don’t go back to sleep,” he said, as he stood at the doorway.

                “I’m not going to,” I said, as he closed the door. I lay back down on the bed, sighing, just as Sean opened the door and poked his head through. I looked at him in surprise.

                “You said you weren’t going back to sleep?” he said.

                “I wasn’t,” I lied, “My head was spinning from getting up suddenly.”

                “Do you want me to stay here until you get ready?” he asked me as I quickly jumped out of bed.

                “No, I’m awake!” I said, as Sean chuckled at me. I looked at him, and beckoned for him to close the door, “I need my privacy.”

                Smiling and winking at me, Sean closed the door as I hastened to shower and get ready. Good thing there was an attached bathroom to my room, so I don’t have to walk down the hallway to the bathroom used by Sean. I don’t know why I’m feeling self-conscious with him, when he’s supposed to be someone I can be myself with on any other occasions. Maybe it’s because he’s finally paying more attention to me. Most of the time we only hung out in the office or during weeknights when he is not out on a date, or in between a failed relationship waiting for a new one. He’s never really shown real attention to me like now, and I actually seem to like it.

                After changing, I went to the kitchen where everyone was already seated and waiting for me to have breakfast. Sean smiled at me as I entered and sat beside him. Apparently Sean cooked pancakes for everyone. We ate in a happy mood, joking and teasing each other. After breakfast, we went to the skiing lodge to rent our skis.

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