Chapter Fifteen

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“Sean!” I gasped, as he emerged from the half shadows, looking straight at me. He looked different from the last I saw him – he was thinner, and his face was pale as if he never had proper sleep and his hair was longer and ruffled.

                “Hi Amy,” he said as he walked up to me, and stood against the railings, watching the night sky light up with the city-lights. My heart raced seeing him here, and I felt tongue-tied. What is he doing here? Is he here on his honeymoon? Why does he look so pale? So many questions ran through my mind.

                “How are you?” I asked, as he looked at me and smiled slightly but I noticed the smile never reached his face.

                “I’ve been living,” he said, “What about you? You look more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”

                “I’ve been okay,” I said. Why did we sound like strangers?

                “So you’re finally here on the Eiffel Tower – just like you always wanted to,” he said as I smiled and nodded my head.

                “Yes, I’m here for my work training,” I explained as I felt something fluttering in my stomach. I was actually standing on the Eiffel Tower looking down on the city of Paris with Sean – was I dreaming? But, he should be married by now; is he happy with his marriage?

                “How’s everyone?” I asked, as I looked at him.

                “Who?” he asked me back as I stared at him.

                “Your father, Jessica, your sister,” I said as he smiled.

                “They’re all fine I suppose,” he said as I tore my gaze away from him. He did marry Jessica!

                “What about you?” he asked me.

                “Everyone’s fine too,” I said, choking on my words.

                “Where did your husband go?” he asked me as I turned to look at him curiously.

                “What?” I said.

                “That guy who kissed you on the forehead and told you that he loved you,” Sean said as I rounded my eyes in understanding. He thought Bill was my husband. I wanted to protest, but he went on, “Isn’t he the guy that we met at your sister’s wedding?”

                “Yeah, Bill,” I said, “he’s…”

                “I never knew that you married him,” Sean cut in before I could deny.

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