Chapter Twelve

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I heard nothing from Sean as I took a step backward and walked back to my office. Is that one of his ex-girlfriends? I sat in my office, not able to focus on my work as I recalled the way the girl giggled while talking to Sean. Who is she to confidently meet him in his office? I’ve never seen any girls find him in the office before. I made myself busy trying to concentrate on my work so as to take my mind off Sean.

                Just before lunch time, Melissa came to find me. Judging from her expression, she’s already seen the girl with Sean when she called me earlier. I followed her silently to the café across the street for lunch, while Oliver tagged along behind us.

                “I saw them holding hands into the office,” Melissa told me as I felt like crying at that moment. I held back my tears as I didn’t want to lose control in public.

                “It doesn’t matter,” I said, “I’m fine.”

                Melissa kept silent as we entered the café. I stopped when I saw Sean with the long haired girl already seated in the café. I wanted to turn and leave but he saw us and beckoned us to come to him, well he actually beckoned to Melissa and Oliver. I doubt he even bothers about me now. Melissa looked at him curiously as we neared the table. He wasn’t smiling, but the girl was hanging on to his arms.

                “Are these your friends?” she asked as we stood in front of their table. I couldn’t look at Sean’s face for fear of bursting into tears. Is this his new way of torturing me?

                “Guys, this is Jessica,” Sean said, as she held out her hand which Melissa and Oliver shook.

                “I’m Sean’s fiancée,” she said as she held out her hand to me. I took it and froze. Fiancée?

                “Fiancée,” Melissa repeated, blinking at him, as I couldn’t make a word form in my throat. Kill me now!

                “I didn’t know you were engaged,” Oliver said, beaming.

                “We were engaged for almost seven years,” Jessica said, smiling proudly. Seven years?

                “How’s that?” Oliver asked.

                “We were engaged right after high school,” Jessica said, as I felt tears threatening to pour, “Our family were waiting for me to finish my degree so that we could get married.”

                Get married; this was starting to turn out like a nightmare. I’m a fairly professional person who could hide my anger and frustration if my bosses were being jerks, but right now I was about to burst into tears right in front of the man that seems like a stranger to me.

                “Oh look at the time,” I said, cursing myself for sounding so feeble, “I forgot to email a really important email.”

                I turned to walk away as Melissa followed me. I didn’t care if the other patrons of the café saw me crying, as long as Sean doesn’t see the wimpy side of me. My tears started to fall as soon as I reached the street outside the café. I vaguely realized Melissa handing me a tissue as we crossed the road. I can’t remember how I got into the elevator or in my office, but the next thing I knew, I was crying my eyes out on the sofa while Melissa sat beside me, trying to console me.

                “Its okay, Amy,” she said, rubbing my back, “Let it out.”

                “Tell me I was dreaming, Mel,” I said, choking in my tears, “Tell me we didn’t meet Sean’s fiancée.”

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