Chapter Seven

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If I ignored my aunts, I actually had a fun outing with my sisters, and future sister-in-laws. My aunts were too busy being nice to Alexandra that they practically ignored me. It was a good thing to, as if I had come alone, they’d probably pick on me the whole time, but now that they’ve seen me with a boyfriend, they decided to give it a rest.

                When we got home, the guys were not back yet. While the other girls went in to have a nap, I sat on the front steps awaiting the arrival of the men, but I waited until four in the evening and they were still not back, so I decided to take a nap as I was getting sleepy as well. The light breeze and the soft sun in the country side could make anyone feel sleepy.

                I lie down on my bed, and fell asleep instantly. It was like a thousand years of exhaustion just let itself go, making me fall into a deep sleep. In midst of my sleeping, I felt like someone came into my room and lie down beside me, hugging me as I slept off. When I woke up, I thought I dreamt that someone slept beside me, but when I turned to see Sean beside me, I awoke with surprise. When did he come in? I looked at his face sleeping calmly and felt the need to just hug him tight. I can't believe I'm being a pervert again. For god's sake, the guy's younger than me!

I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom, to turn on the cold shower to wash away whatever feelings that I was having for him. If it was anyone else, I’d be mad at them for doing so to me, but I don’t know why, the harder I try to stay mad at Sean, the deeper I’m starting to fall for him. What should I do?

                I stood under the shower head, feeling the cold blast of water bite into my skin, as I closed my eyes. I couldn’t even keep my eyes close as I started to picture Sean’s face. What am I to do now? I thought as I wiped myself dry. Why am I suddenly feeling these kinds of feelings for Sean? It’s not suddenly, though, as I even felt it at Vernon, but what do I do about these feelings? I have to bottle it up as Sean will never feel the same towards me. I walked out of the bathroom with my towel, intending to get dressed in my room, forgetting that Sean was still on my bed.

                It was not until I stood in front of the closet and finding my clothes that I remembered Sean was on my bed when in heard it creaking. I stood straight and turned to look at the bed, just as Sean who had just got up, looked at me. I felt all the colors rush to my face, as I screamed and held my hand in front of my chest, very well aware of how silly I must look in a small towel that reveals too much of my thighs.

                “Get out!” I screamed as Sean jumped out of the bed and ran to the door leading to the bathroom, not before turning and looking at me, “What are you looking at!”

                He turned away, as I ran to the door and locked it. Oh god, how embarrassing! I thought as I sighed in relief and lie down on my bed. How am I going to face him after this? No guys had ever seen me as indecent as that before, and now Sean had seen me. Where am I going to put my face? I got dressed quickly and rushed downstairs to the living room, where I saw my aunts busy in conversation. I detoured and headed outside, sitting on a swing in the small garden, watching the twilight fall.

                I touched my chest and I could still feel my heart beating fast. It’s been a long time since I felt this way. I mean, my heart does beat fast when I see Mr. Jared too, or when he smiles at me, but with Sean, my heart does not only beat faster, but I also seem to have butterflies in my stomach. Does it mean anything? I can’t like Sean, because then I’d feel awkward with him. I won’t be able to treat him like my normal friend anymore. I don’t understand myself, as Sean had always been physical with me. I mean, ever since I’ve known him, he’d hold my hands casually, or occasionally hugged me, as that’s the way he is with almost everyone, but why am I feeling awkward now? Why am I starting to feel nervous when he’s close?

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