Epilogue (09/13/18)

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It was Jungkook's first day as a transfer student in his new school in Seoul, far from his home town, Busan. Everything that had happened in Busan was still fresh in his mind, the images of that unfortunate night always lingered and stayed with him specially when he tried to sleep and close his eyes.

It was hard for a 15 year old kid like him to overcome everything but he tried to be strong.

He had his head bowed down while he was walking on the empty corridor, his hands were shaking a little while he was stopping himself from crying.

He was lost, he had his new-found hyung named Taehyung with him just minutes ago but now he was nowhere to be found. He didn't bother asking others about the direction to his classroom because he was too shy and afraid to do so that was why he just kept on walking when suddenly a body collided with his body and pushed him out of the way causing him to fell down on the ground.

He bit his lips and saw a tear fell on the ground coming from his eye, he didn't bother looking up and stayed there on his position.


The voice he heard had hesitation and confusion in it, it was soft and warm too.

He flinched when he felt that someone suddenly sat down infront him and poked his shoulder to get his attention.

"Ahmm... hi? Are you alright?"

He was sure that the one who pushed him to the ground was a girl because of her voice.

"I-I'm fine." he answered her in a small voice.

He was surprised when he heard a silent laugh.

"You're fine? Hi fine, I'm Lisa!"

He finally raised his head and looked at the girl infront her who was now offering her hand to him for a handshake.

"I-I'm not fine, I mean, my name is not-"

The girl named Lisa giggled stopping him from speaking, "Of course you're not! I'm just kidding, I mean, I pushed you. I'm really sorry, I was in a hurry because I forgot my book on my locker that was why I was running and I didn't notice you there, I also didn't have my glasses with me and you see  my vision sucks without it."

The twelve year old Jungkook just stared at her while she talked nonstop.

Lisa noticed it and laughed, "I tend to talk too much, I'm sorry."

Jungkook averted his eyes on his side and whispered, "It's fine."

Lisa pouted when she heard the 'fine' word from him again.

"By the way, the class started already... and you're still here? Are you lost?" Lisa asked him after some seconds.

Jungkook felt himself became flustered, "I... I am, I'm new here."

Lisa clapped her hands with a big smile on her face that nearly put a smile on Jungkook's face, "I am new here as well! But aren't you there at the orientation though? We were given a map of the school."

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