37. "I think he likes her." (Narration)

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3rd Person's Point of View

Mrs. Wong smiled while watching Jungkook and his son 'bond', well for her they're having their bonding when in reality the two were seconds from choking each other to death.

Well, let us Mrs. Wong believe that.

"Aww. They're getting along well right?"

Lisa looked at Mrs. Wong beside her who was still watching the two boys with a fond and soft smile etched on her face, Lisa took all her willpower to stop laughing her ass out and mentained a straight face while nodding, "Sure, they are Mrs. Wong."

Oh how much she stopped herself to snort like a pig after saying that.

Mrs. Wong excused herself after some minutes of talking to her, she followed suit after and went to where the two boys were. It was already decided that they were just gonna sleep inside Lucas' room for the reason that there wasn't any rooms available, there were only two rooms inside the small house, one for Lucas and one for his parents.

She glanced at her phone's clock and saw it was already 10:37 pm. She silently sat on the couch not so far from the two loud boys who were bickering at the moment and decided to just watched them first and will just meddle once they were already killing each other.

She focused her attention to her phone and saw hundreds of notifications, majority from their friends asking her their whereabouts. She opened their group chats and laughed at how messy it was. After back reading she sent them a reply and was answered by different reactions, the others' were so extra making her laughed. She just kept on talking with them while laughing occasionally on how much of a crackheads they are.

She averted her attention to the boys and watched them, "What hyung? Don't at me with abs 'cause I got 'em."

Lisa wanted to hit their heads one by one but she decided to just watched them like she was watching some comic skit.

Jungkook childishly scoffed, "Kid, come on, don't lie, see this?," Lisa rolled her eyes when Jungkook suddenly raised his hoodie flashing his well defined six pack abs, "This is what real abs look like. Yours is a joke."

Lucas laughed loudly and raised his shirt, Lisa looked at them blankly, thinking what was the need for this nonsense competition on who got higher ego.

"Sorry but working out is my religion." Lucas boasted while patting his abs.

Well the boy actually has it.

Lisa grimaced at the scene.

Argh. Too much testosterone in the air. She thought.

Jungkook laughed mockingly, "What the hell is that kid? I only see lines, I don't see abs."

Lisa sighed while shaking his head, "How are they this dumb?" she whispered.

Lucas smiled widely, "I think yours is just fat, you can breath now hyung."

Jungkook smirked, "Lmao," Lisa snapped her head quickly to Jungkook and gave him a look of disbelief.

Wait, did he just say lmao in a verbal conversation?

"I smell bitterness from your mouth kid, let me be the bigger person here, I can advice some good workout routines that may work on you but I doubt you can handle it." Jungkook even eyed Lucas from head to toe.

Lisa had enough, she stood up and went to them, "You both shut up, you're just the same, no one's masculine enough 'cause you two are still kids." she monotonously said.

Lucas pouted at her while Jungkook glared at her making her laughed.

"But I'm cuter." Lucas said out of the blue and did some aegyo.

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