47. "I didn't mean to." (Narration)

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3rd Person's Point of View

"And Lisa?"

Lisa didn't speak and just hummed in response enjoying the warmth Jungkook's hugs always gave her. She leaned on his chest more and found his heartbeat mirrored the same rhythm as hers.

"There's this one thing I want to do in the future too."

Lisa went silent and just waited for what he was about to say.

Jungkook tightened his hold on her body, enjoying every moment of her embrace. He closed his eyes and sighed when he felt himself became nervous.

"I want to marry you."

They became silent after that, which made Jungkook more tensed not really knowing what to expect with how she will react to that.

He felt his heart broke when suddenly Lisa let go of his hug, he literally felt like something cracked inside him, maybe it was his heart or maybe he was just overreacting but he was really hurt the moment she chose to removed his arms enveloping her body.

Lisa looked at him and saw his hurt expression which he didn't even try to hide.

She looked at him and smiled at how adorable he was.

Jungkook frowned more when he saw her teasing smile.

Suddenly Lisa leaned in to him and pecked his lips quickly. Jungkook's eyes widened, still not processing what just happened.

"Y-you kissed me right?"

Lisa nodded and then leaned in to him, but this time she put her lips on his for a long time, she didn't bothered moving but the impact that kiss gave to them was something that will result them to having some sleepless night

Jungkook gulped when he felt her lips on his lips for a long time, she just let her lips on the top of his and didn't bother making any move.

He chuckled at the kiss, held Lisa's shoulder and pushed her softly, "This is how you should kiss me, let's practice shall we?"

He held the back of her head and pulled her to him softly, this time he was the one who connected their lips to each other, Lisa didn't move and just stayed frozen, cussing internally on how she started this but still got this flustered. Jungkook chuckled when he saw her red face, he bit her lower lip surprising Lisa.

"You fucker why would you do- mmmh!"

He didn't let her continue what she was about to say and pulled her head to him again, he then started moving his lips, still nervous that Lisa will eventually snap out of whatever was happening to her and pushed him away.

Lisa's eyes widened more than it already were, the profanities inside her head intensified same as how Jungkook's kiss intensified, she then felt him stopped making her looked at him puzzled with why he suddenly stopped.

Jungkook sighed, "That's fine. If you didn't want to kiss me, I mean, I can wait."

She watched him gave her a small smile which looked sad, she then realized that he stopped because he felt like she didn't really like the kiss.

She glared at him and crossed her arms, "Who says I didn't like it?!"

He looked at her with disbelief, "You're not kissing me back!"

She stopped and coughed awkwardly.

She glared at him and pulled his arms causing him to leaned his face on her, she quickly put her lips on the top of his lips and moved her lips quickly, his eyes widened when he felt her aggressively kissed his lips, he laughed and pushed her body away from him.

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