42. "Much better." (Narration)

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Lisa's Point of View

I stared at the picture and saw it was Chaeng and Jungkook hugging each other. Jungkook's back was seen while Chaeng's head was on his shoulder, her hair was covering her face.

"Hey, that's my pho- Oh Lisa."

I looked at that voice and met her eyes.

She smiled, I always shrugged off these thoughts bugging me whenever I talked to her but I really can't help it, she was just... a little weird, I don't really know how to put it but, I don't really feel good whenever I talked to her specially whenever she gave me a smile.

I hesitantly gave her the phone which she quickly grabbed from my hand, "I'm glad it isn't broken!" she checked her phone and saw the picture, "Oh! My bad, did you see the picture?"

I was surprised when she suddenly stepped inside the elevator and clicked the 15th button. I clenched my fist when I suddenly felt so uncomfortable, the air between us wasn't something I'll call warm.

"I saw it." I answered her.

I saw her smirked and that made me more uncomfortable.

"Then good."

I know I acted so friendly and all with her but deep inside me I know there was really something that was off when it comes to her. I just can't pinpoint it, but one thing was for sure, those friendly gestures and talks I gave her were real and I genuinely wanted her to be my friend.

I'm not sure about her though...

I looked at her, "What do you mean?"

She giggled, "No, don't mind me. Hey,  can you keep a secret?"

I wanted to say no and get the hell out of this elevator but my curiousity got the best of me, "Secret?"

She smiled, "Yes. Something a certain person didn't want others to know. You didn't know what secrets are, my friend?"

I nodded at her while raising my brow not happy with her sarcasm, "What kind of secrets?"

I was surprised when she suddenly gave me a look with pity, "Jungkook and Rosé are in a relationship, I saw them kissing at the kitchen, I was about to take the picture of them kissing but I was too shocked to do so that was why I only took a picture of them hugging."

I gave her a blank look and soon laughed dryly, "Really?"

I know she sensed the sarcasm in my question that was why she raised a brow on me, "Really, why would I lie?"

I smiled at her innocently, "I don't know, why don't you tell me?"

She narrowed her eyes at me not so subtly hiding her fading kind facade, "Listen, I am being nice and all to you girl, you don't have to be a bitch on me."

I chuckled, so this the real her huh? And is she actually playing victim right now?

I sighed out of annoyance.

Why? Why did I let her fool me? I was too dense to even become suspicious of her intentions. She was too friendly that it was already suspicious but I just ignored that. I am nice to people, too nice actually that I already ignored these things.

I looked at her reflection on the mirror infront us, "No, you listen to me," my voice was cold, far from the usual cheery one I always have, "...I don't know what's with you right now but this is the real you right? I asked you why would you lie because I don't see any reason for you to do so."

She rolled her eyes, "Such a drama queen. I am just concern for you why are you being like that? I mean, I always see you giving this lovestruck gaze to Jungkook so I just want you to know that him and your best friend have relationship behind your back, although you didn't really have a right to stop them, I thought it would be nice of me to inform you about that."

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