13. "More lies." (Narration)

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Lisa's Point of View

"That's it, I don't care if you actually don't understand what I kept on blabbering because by the look on your face I know you don't. Let's just stop this, your stupidity is rubbing off on me already."

Jisoo eonnie said patting my head with a mocking sad face.

I glared at her making her laughed loudly, she then kissed my cheek and stormed out of my room, maybe to tend to that dog's needs, whatever.

I saw my phone went off so I checked it and saw one message from the jerk.

5:03 pm
Where are you pabo I'm here already you know I hate waiting

I rolled my eyes and decided to not reply. I looked outside through my window and saw it was already raining, sighing, I went to grabbed an umbrella and changed into an oversized black hoodie, light skinny jeans and a black sandals, not wanting to get my shoes be filled with mud. I also brought my phone, wallet and notes with me.

The said cafe, coincidentally named after my favorite unicorns is just some meter away from our dorm, so I just walked, more like run to avoid that jerk's childish whining.

I opened the glass door, put the umbrella on the rack and smiled at the warmth the café was always giving me. This was where I always go whenever I am craving for sweets and whenever I felt everything was getting too much, I spent my time here just drinking sweets to my heart's content while staring at the lovely unicorns themed interior of the cafe.

I spotted him sending some flirty looks at one of the customers inside the cafe making me rolled my eyes. Of course the said girl was returning the favor, I even saw her vulgarly lowering down the collar of her dress to show her nonexistent boobs making me grimaced.

Apparently this dude flirts with every girl who has a pulse.

I walked to the table he was sitting at and harshly put my notes on the table, that action made him looked up to me. He scowled at me, probably because I just stopped his moments with a girl, with them eye fucking each other. I sent him a mocking smile which I know he didn't appreciate at the moment.

"You're late and you dare act like that?" he said rolling his eyes.

I quickly grabbed one cookie he ordered and ate it while chewing loudly, just to annoy him more, "Your eye balls might get stuck there only to be disappointed to not see a brain." I pointed out.

"You have a very beautiful lips but the words coming out of it are so dirty. You might want to be taught of how to put that pretty ass lips of yours in good use." he smugly said finishing it off with a smirk.

Of course Jeon Jungkook being the man whore that he is knew how he can make me flustered with those kinds of remarks and he wasn't wrong with that, seeing how my cheeks are getting red.

I smacked his head but he only laughed loudly.

I coughed awkwardly and masked it with a glare, he just smiled at me, more like looking constipated by the way he was stopping himself from laughing.

I looked at our surrounding and searched for something, he noticed it and gave me a questioning look.

I glared at him, "C'mon, I know you have it." I said seriously.

He just chuckled and finally gave me the usual drink I ordered here, he was hiding the drink below the table, how mature.

I sipped on my wintermelon milk tea and closed my eyes with a smile. Now that put me in a good mood where I feel like I can actually deal with this jerk right now. We are used to buy each other's favorite drink here, the first one who came will be the one buying and the late one will be the one paying for both drinks.

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