49. "Then stay." (Narration)

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3rd Person's Point of View

"Mom, I want to stay here."

Her mom didn't speak, this was the moment where she really hate silence.


She heard her sighed, "I know there's a reason for that? Can you please tell me?"

Her mom was calm but she knows she was sad with what she was hearing.

Lisa sighed too and wiped the tears in her face.

"There's this boy, he finally told me he loves me." she warily told her mom.

She waited for her mom to react or at least say something but she was silent again, Lisa didn't know that time will come where talking with her mom will be this nerve-wracking specially with how close they are despite how far they were from each other.

After some minutes her mom spoke and asked her softly, "Finally?"

The tears just won't stop so she just let it fell.

"I've been loving him for a long time before he does so. I don't think I can leave him here, I'm so sorry I'm this selfish."

Lisa waited for her mom to say something but her mom took so long to does so.

"How do you know that he really loves you?"

That made her silent.

"Lisa? Honey? You still there?" Lisa heard her mom asked her, worry was laced in her voice.

She was a little a hesitant to go on because she wasn't used to talked to her mom about this matter but still she heaved a deep sigh and warily smiled feeling herself getting flustered just by the thought of Jungkook and their past interactions.

"He has a warmth in his eyes that I just realized he has for me for a long time, I was just too blinded with the thought that he would never see me the way I see him, but he proved me wrong..."

She trailed off and sighed before continuing while her mother was silently listening to her daughter pour her honest feelings about someone.

"He stays with me whenever I need someone, he took care of me when I got sick, he bought me foods, he cooked for me, he sang for me, he always fixed my messy hair, he stayed with me when I needed someone to talk to, he listened to whatever drama I have, he made me smile and he made me happy though he can be the most annoying jerk ever. We stayed too blind for a long time Mom, too blind to see that we are already loving each other and we already wasted lots of time."

She stopped a sob and smiled sadly.

"Mom, tell me, how is that not real?"

She felt her chest tightened, she was surprised when suddenly she heard sobs in the other line.

"M-mom? Are you okay?"

She was asking her mom if she was okay yet here she was finding it hard to breath already because of too much crying.

"I'm sorry for being emotional, it was just a little surprising to hear you talk like this over a boy, I know time will come that you'll find yourself someone to love and my baby will be taken by him."

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