22. I have eyes everywhere baby.

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(!!!!!! I love twice okay, I just needed to use someone to be an antagonist whatsoever. So if ever there are onces out there reading this that I offended, I'm really sorry :(. And the words used in this are kinda sexual and inappropriate. Read at your own risk.)


Chou Tzuyu
Active Now

Chou Tzuyu

Jeon Jungkook
Fuck off

Chou Tzuyu
Getting cold aren't we
You forget already how I made you warm

Jeon Jungkook

Chou Tzuyu
I heard about you and that Roxie

Jeon Jungkook
It's Rosé
You rlly love being dumb

Chou Tzuyu
C'mon baby
I know you want me
And idc about that bitch whoever she is

Jeon Jungkook
The only bitch I know here is you

Chou Tzuyu
Aww ikr I'm baddest bitch you'll ever known
So, how about we do something interesting in my place?
Like the old days

Jeon Jungkook
If screwing you is interesting
Lol I'll just sleep

Chou Tzuyu
Ya stop being a hypocrite!
You love banging me
If you only saw your face while we bang

Jeon Jungkook
I wasn't on my right mind before
So what the fuck do you really want

Chou Tzuyu
Ditch the bitch
Hell yeah
That rhymes

Seen 12:38 am

Chou Tzuyu
And get back with me
We can have fun
Unlike that boring girl
You keep on insisting you are serious with
Eew don't pretend as someone u aren't
You can't love babe

Jeon Jungkook

Chou Tzuyu
I nearly forgot!
You can love!

Jeon Jungkook
What bullshit are you on

Chou Tzuyu
I remembered this Lisa girl
The girl with the bangs who acted like a boy

Jeon Jungkook
Don't fucking bring her into this
Shut the fuck up Chou
Just fucking shut up

Chou Tzuyu
I knew it
Did I trigger you
The look you are always giving her
You're like a love sick puppy
It's disgusting
Like seriously
You can do better

Jeon Jungkook
Fuck you

Chou Tzuyu
Gladly :)
You love her right
Why are you with her best friend tho
How about Jisoo and Jennie
Come on bang the whole squad

Jeon Jungkook
I don't love her
I don't care about her
So don't you fucking dare bring her into your psychopathic ways

Chou Tzuyu
Do I believe you?
You love Lisa okay
It was so obvious baby
What about her best friend?
What will you do to her after you are done with her?
Aww poor girls :(

Jeon Jungkook
I don't love Lisa
Stop being sappy
I don't do love fuck off

Chou Tzuyu
Then what's with the sudden change?
You're actually trying to be in a serious relationship courting and all
Aww that doesn't suit you
And from what I can see it wasn't Rosé that made you change
It is her
That Lisa
Then why aren't you making a move on her?
Why with her bff
Aww love is so complicated

Jeon Jungkook
Fuck when did you even get all these crazy ideas
You don't know anything

Chou Tzuyu
I have eyes everywhere baby :)

Jeon Jungkook
You're creepy as fuck
Get a life

Chou Tzuyu
Be mine again
And everything will be okay
I will not harm anyone

Jeon Jungkook
Don't you have anyone to annoy
Apparently I'm not the only man in the earth

Chou Tzuyu
But I want you
I want the thrill I am feeling when it comes to you :)
So my place?

Jeon Jungkook
You'll never let me see that face again after I'm done with you?

Chou Tzuyu
I'll think about that

Jeon Jungkook
Then no

Chou Tzuyu
I'm kidding lol
I want the old you back but I am starting to like the new you too
Challenging :)

Jeon Jungkook
Meet me at the ground floor

Chou Tzuyu
I knew you can't resist me
Of course I'll wait for you baby
Let's have some fun 😉

Jeon Jungkook logged out.


Like I told you at the start I don't hate Twice, I actually find them really adorable and I love their songs tbh. Don't attack me :(

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