44. "Hey everyone, can I have a favor?" (Narration)

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Jungkook's Point of View

Is it wrong to expect a warm welcoming from my hyungs? Like you know, warm hugs and liters of tears? But wow, look at what we got, a huge banner with a "Welcome home, cheater." on it.

I and Jimin hyung were already losing our cool and patience while freezing to death when those stupid bastards decided to stopped their childish prank and opened the door.

I may or may not tackled Hoseok hyung to the floor, but yeah, let's not talk about that.

They let the two of us fixed our things to our room first, by the way, I am staying with Namjoon hyung, we just kept on switching roommates when we felt like doing so. I saw Namjoon hyung sitting on his bed while reading a book. He just looked up when he heard me closed the door, too focused on whatever he was reading and gave me a smile, "Hi Kook, how's their prank?"

I grimaced, "It's not funny hyung, they know how cold it is outside and they did that." I answered him and started putting my clean clothes to my drawer.

I heard him laughed, "Don't act like you're not used to it, and just so you know, you did the majority of the pranks here."

"Well, it is just fun messing with all of you hyungs don't blame me." I said while chuckling.

I then checked my phone and saw notifications from the group chat and frowned when I saw what Taehyung hyung sent to it. I'm sure that we both knew what we were talking about, or let's just say, who we were talking about and that made me confirmed my gut feeling.

He, indeed, likes her.

I was about to type a reply when I felt something soft hit my face, I looked at Namjoon hyung who was laughing at me right now and saw a pillow on the floor, "Don't even dare reply Kook, you just got here, I don't want another fight to break in between you and Tae."

I just sighed, "Fine, I'll stop."

I heard him chuckled, "Oh and by the way, Jin said that the last one to arrive at the kitchen will wash the dishes, bye."

I followed hyung with my eyes in disbelief when he just stormed out like that, well, I guess he's just afraid of washing the dishes and breaking it or messing the whole kitchen.

I then quickly fixed my things then changed into a comfortable shorts and white T-shirt and went to the kitchen, I saw five of them were already there, I noticed how they purposely left a spot next to Taehyung hyung but I silently took a sit beside Yoongi hyung and waited for Jin hyung to prepared what he cooked for us.

"Aww it's always Jimin who arrives late, when will he learn?" Hobi hyung said.

Jin hyung then told us the foods were ready so I stood up and helped him put the foods one by one on the table.

I sat back down the same moment Jimin showed up, "Speaking of the devil, Jimin my man, what's good?" Hobi hyung joked.

Jimin hyung just pouted and sat in between me and Tae hyung, "Why do I sit between these two?" he asked them.

"As a referee." I heard Yoongi hyung said and started eating.

We then followed suit, "Ya stop using your phones! We are eating." Namjoon hyung said when he saw them typing on their phone, they quickly obeyed him and started focusing on their foods.

"So why the fuck are you two ignoring each other?" I stiffened when I heard that question from Yoongi hyung.

I heard Tae hyung laughed, "I don't know either to be honest."

I ignored them and continued eating my food.

Come on hyung, you know why, very well.

"Be honest, let's talk about this, we're brothers, we should settle everything like how brothers do." I stopped eating when I heard Hobi hyung said that.

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