26. "Tell her I miss her so much." (Narration)

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3rd person point of view

Jungkook was pacing back and forth outside the clinic, earning curious looks from those who were passing by. He finally stopped when the school nurse who everyone adores because of her kindness and beautiful face went out and saw him doing that.

"Dara noona." he greeted her and bowed.

Nurse Dara smiled widely and giggled, "Hey Jungkookie what brings you here? And why are you walking back and forth like that? Are you not feeling well? Why can't you just go inside?" she looked at him worriedly while bombarding him with questions.

He scratched the back of his head, "I... I want to ask if she's just fine?" he asked her shyly.

Dara looked at him with confusion, "Her? There are three girls resting inside at the moment."

He sighed, his cheeks have tint of red on it, "Lalisa Manoban."

He felt his heart skipped a beat when he said her name. He really liked the feeling of her beautiful name coming from his lips.

She smiled widely, "Oh! Lisa! That beautiful girl? Well, why don't you try to check on her? You can go inside."

Jungkook warily looked at the clinic's door and shook his head, "Noona we are currently not in good terms-"

Dara clapped her hands interrupting him, "You mean lover's quarrel right? Aww, I knew it, you suited each other by the way, you're such a handsome young man and Lisa looks so uniquely beautiful as well! Young love is really the best." she was smiling while telling him that.

He chuckled at her, "We're not lovers noona." he denied.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "But soon?"

He frowned thinking what happened to them these past few days and shook his head, "I don't think so."

She frowned too, "Shame then, she is really an amazing young lady, the man she'll end up with will be really lucky."

Dara just talked to Lisa for the first time a while ago but she already has a soft spot for her and already treated her like her little sister, she was always radiating warm aura through her contagious smiles.

He is really lucky.

Jungkook smiled softly, Dara watched his expression carefully and soon smiled as well, "Don't lose hope, I may not know what happened between you but I really think you both suit each other. You can check on her because she is currently sleeping, she caught a cold but I think she is fine now." she adviced him warmly.

He smiled a little at her, "Thank you so much noona."

"Don't sweat it." she said pinching his cheeks affectionately, "Now, go get the girl. I'm rooting for you." Dara cheered him up and patted his head.

Jungkook smiled sadly at her.

I can't. I'm sorry noona.


Lisa woke up when she felt a presence on her side and was shocked to see the least person she expected to see, she pinched herself to confirmed that she wasn't just imagining things but she knew she wasn't the moment she flinched and whispered "Ouch."

She was so unsure what to do to him, does she need to wake him up? She watched and saw him looked so tired, he was also sleeping tightly. She just sighed and continued watching him. She smiled while staring at his face, it was so peaceful to look at, as usual he looked so breathtaking that Lisa can stare at him all day long. She suddenly looked at his knuckles and saw it bleeding, she panicked a little because of that. She noticed that he didn't even do anything to tend it, he just let it bleed.

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