16. "I'm scared Lisa." (Narration)

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3rd Person's Point of View

Jeon Jungkook was half running while sporting a worried expression, he looked like he was in a hurry too. The playful smile that was always seen on his handsome face was no longer there. The people were confused with his expression, they were used to seeing him reciprocate the same enthusiasm others were giving him, specially from girls, but now those people were ignored.

He looked at his phone and sighed, he searched for a certain contact and clicked the call button. It rang endlessly but it was never answered making his worries doubled.

He didn't know why but the thought of her being sick made him restless, he can't even sleep, he was used to seeing her always lively with the biggest smile on her face but thinking about her face being dull and lifeless triggered emotions inside him.

"Ya Manoban, why aren't you answering?" he asked no one, his tone desperate and worried.

It was an effort to escape through the school guards but he did manage, he wanted to see her quickly, he wanted to check on her and maybe take care of her. He didn't bother attending the afternoon period and ditch the class. He already went to a convinient store to buy foods that he thought will cheer her up, the reason why his backpack was full, he actually went over the top with the snacks but he didn't care.

He tried to ring her again but to no avail she didnt answer, making him more worried. He run faster to get to her dorm, another problem he needs to face because he still needs someone from there to escort him inside, but Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé aren't a choice because they are still in school, but who said he will let that stop him?

He trespassed the dorm by climbing the tree beside the barricade and he did it effortlessly, thanks to his awesome "ninja skills" according to him. He landed smoothly on the ground and chuckled at how hilarious he looked right now because if anyone saw him they will think that he was like an escaping thief, he smiled when he noticed the guard was sleeping so he run to Lisa's dorm.

He knocked on their door but no one was answering, he searched for the spare key and shook his head when he saw it under the pot of plants beside the door.

How cliché, he thought.

He quickly went inside and stormed to Lisa and Rosé's room, he smiled softly when he saw her figure sleeping softly on her bed. She was enveloped with a thick blanket, her cute chubby cheeks were red and so as her nose. She looked so adorable and he can't deny that fact.

He walked to her and sat infront of her, face to face, he smiled softly and put her hair on her ear, "Ya, I told you, I want my entertainer back, please get better, I'm getting impatient here already, classes were getting boring than it already is. Argh, stop slacking."

But he was answered by silence and soft snores making him chuckled.

He saw the towel on her forehead and grabbed it, he put it in the basin with a warm water on her side table and put it on her forehead again.

"I'm worried....." he trailed off whispering, "..you're stronger than a man and here you are."

He fell on the floor when suddenly a soft pillow collided with his face.

"Stronger than a man you say?" she said with a smile, but he still noticed the tiredness hiding in her voice, he frowned not because she hit him with a pillow but because of her state right now, she looked so pale and lifeless.

"That hurts." he whined, she then laughed but that was followed by a coughing fit.

His body became alert, he then caressed her back carefully and soon she stopped, "Are you dying already?" he teased her, but deep inside he was worried as fuck.

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