35. "I hate that kid." (Narration)

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Lisa's point of view

The woman who saw me and Jungkook freezing outside which is Mrs. Wong, hurriedly pushed us softly inside her house, while Mr. Wong stayed outside to fix some things. The house was small but it looked so warm and homey. It was a traditional jeju house, it looked so cute to be honest.

Once inside, we met a boy who looked like our age, or maybe younger, he quickly went to Mrs. Oh and helped her removed her thick coat. He was smiling at her so wide after he kissed her cheeks.

The sight was so adorable and heartwarming to be honest.

"Shit. He's so handsome." I whispered unconsciously while staring carefully at the boy infront of us.

He looked so handsome and adorable at the same time. He's handsome in a playful way, his features were sharp but what made me found him cute more was his big ears and his smile. He's tall too and has good physique.

I heard someone hissed beside me. Don't ask me who.

"This is my only son Lucas, you can ask him for help if you need anything." Mrs. Wong said while hugging his son's left arm who was looking at us with a shy smile on his face, I smiled back at him. I wanted to cooed at how cute he was when he suddenly averted his gaze to his side while his cheeks got red.


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"Hi. I'm Lisa and this is Jungkook. Nice to meet you." I introduced us to him, he smiled and bowed at us, we did too.

"Psh. I'm handsomer." I heard Jungkook whispered beside me, he spoke English by the way.

I stopped a laugh, "Dude, there's no such word as handsomer. I already taught you the degree of comparison, which are positive, comparative and superlative. You can't add -er to-"

I literally will not stop lecturing him about grammar when he cut me off, completely ignoring everything that I was saying, "Such a grammar nazi you are, the important thing is you got the point."

"I don't get the point of you speaking English in the first place."

"It sounds cool."

I raised a brow at him but he wasn't even looking at me, "Oh fuck. The dude just smiled at me, he's totally crushing on me and you called that handsome?"

I snorted at him and looked at Lucas ssi, he offered me a small smile again as a greeting and a small wave.

Aww he's just too adorable.

Swear Jungkook always ruined the remaining brain cells I have intact. The boy just smiled at him out of courtesy and he assumed he has a crush on him.

"My son is a little energetic you know and a little weird but he's nice. You can talk to him always, he'll be glad to have new friends." Mrs. Wong happily said earning a groan from his son.

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