raising 9 kids | bts x blackpink by chwichim
raising 9 kids | bts x blackpinkby dαlι
Where the maknaes have to raise: Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé.
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Nothing Gold Can Stay • BLACKTAN by awritinglight
Nothing Gold Can Stay • BLACKTANby alaska
Falling in love with him was inevitable. The feeling was euphoric but it came with grave consequences. He was her downfall, but she did not care. After all, love is a go...
  • suga
  • yoonie
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Liskook 💗 I've Finally Found You 💫                     Jungkook x Lisa Fanfic✨ by LaLisaKookie
Liskook 💗 I've Finally Found LaLisaKookie
"I've never seen anyone like her..." Jungkook stood still and stared in upmost awe. "I agree, she is quite the exotic beauty." Namjoon commented and...
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the er | bts x blackpink by chwichim
the er | bts x blackpinkby dαlι
this hospital is full of drama & scandals.
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My Light in the Dark (( Jirose )) by zaffria
My Light in the Dark (( Jirose ))by zaffria
An event turns Park Chaeyoung's life upside down and she struggles to find the way back to her old self. That road is harsh and long with many bumps, but Chaeyoung may...
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co-ed | blacktan by chwichim
co-ed | blacktanby dαlι
Dalseok Entertainment debuts their first and gender-breaking co-ed group: BLACKTAN. photo credit to owners
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Infinity || blackbangtan groupchat  by softchaengoo
Infinity || blackbangtan groupchat by softie 💫
nalalisa added pasta, jichu, milk, seagull, victory, and 5 others. "dalgom doesn't like me." - lalisa manoban "but i like you." - kim taehyung
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Blood Sweat & Tears: Mystery of Bangtan City // English Version by jannuhbananuh
Blood Sweat & Tears: Mystery of JANNA
Bangtan City has been awarded the Safest City in Asia for fifteen consecutive years but after a Manila Girl had come back to this City, it became the most dangerous pla...
  • bts
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  • jennie
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Young,Wild & Free by jiyongyeom
Young,Wild & Freeby jiyongyeom
When BTS meets BLACKPINK at SMA, both groups help get their maknaes and themselves together. All in two days of fun and adventure. And there's a swear jar mainly for Yoo...
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  • romin
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Ugly to Beautiful ✨ || Taehyung ❤️ Jennie || Taennie ☽ (Discontinued) by xoljin
Ugly to Beautiful ✨ || Taehyung ❤️ xoljin
"I'm no one, I'm just an ugly duckling" Jennie Kim, a girl who gets bullied by a guy named Kim Taehyung. She moved to New Zealand and as she gets older, she c...
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Liskook: The Switch{Hiatus} by JeonYuxuan
Liskook: The Switch{Hiatus}by Yuxuan
Lalisa Manoban is a maid in the YG Kingdom. Her life is turned around, when suddenly King Yang Hyun-Suk asks her for a favor. A favor of her marrying a prince? INSPIRED...
  • parkjimin
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My Instagram Hater // YoonSoo by yoongi_mineu
My Instagram Hater // YoonSooby 🌼达娜🌼
It started first when you were mean to me, but then i fell in love with you and i didnt know i how to tell you.
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We got married #Rosekook by Ms_Nobody01
We got married #Rosekookby Ms_Nobody01
Jung Kook of BTS and Rosé of BlackPink were asked to join the MBC show We Got Married. They started as business partners but as time goes on they start to develop feelin...
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Just One Day | Liskook [ Completed ] by forgottenpasta
Just One Day | Liskook [ forgottenpasta
Jungkook and Lisa find themselves together in an elevator. What could possibly go wrong? Started : 8/6/17 Completed : 26/1/18 #607 in fanfiction ~ 12/10/17 #327 in fanfi...
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[ magically ] ✔️ by -theslytherinkeeper-
[ magically ] ✔️by ♡ R Y U ♡
❝ sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together ❞
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Push and Pull | Liskook ✔ by denisedemenace
Push and Pull | Liskook ✔by Gay for Lalisa. 🙈
❝That's good. My heart belongs to Rosé anyway.❞
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Boy in luv (bts x blackpink) by Squishy_MochiMINI
Boy in luv (bts x blackpink)by Squishy_MochiMINI
Liskook: Lisa and Jungkook's friendship was lost when Lisa had enough of being Jealous because of Jungkook and Tzuyu. Jirosé: Jimin uses Rosé just to make Dahyun Jealou...
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Queen of Roses by ParkChaengoo
Queen of Rosesby Jungkook chewing gum & dancin...
⚠️ May contain mature language & content*** Ancient Goryeo is a land rich in resources but impoverished of unity. After years of fighting a relentless war, the country f...
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Beautiful Trauma  by yoon1122
Beautiful Trauma by 🐼 Yoon 🐼
"You're mine Chaeyoung - your body, your heart, your everything. They are all mine. So don't even think about doing anything with it without my permission," he...
  • blackpinkrose
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It began with a KISS : Liskook✔ by CreativeCash
It began with a KISS : Liskook✔by CreativeCash
Jungkook and Lisa as everyone knows them are the Golden and Royal Maknae of KPOP. But what step will their lives take when accidentally they will kiss in an award show...
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