38. "I'll make it up to you." (Narration)

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3rd Person's Point of View

Jungkook and Lucas stayed in the kitchen throughout the whole night just talking about everything. They became closer despite the little time they came to know each other. Lucas made himself a milk while Jungkook has his coffee, Lucas also grabbed some biscuits and some snacks as they told each other stories. Now we can say that the two boys were bonding for real.

"So you mean you courted her eonnie instead? Wow, what a douche bag." Lucas commented.

Jungkook crossed his arms, "I know. I don't know what has gotten into me to do that. Fuck, I know it, I messed up."

Lucas gave him a pointed look, "Glad you know. Can you imagine how noona felt when you did that? I mean seriously out of all the girls here on earth you messed with her best friend? That's not good hyung."

Jungkook sighed harshly, "Why do you know all these things?! I thought you're not into dating and shits."

"Dude, I'm not dumb like you." Lucas said while laughing.

Jungkook glared at him, "You're still up for some choke slam kid? This time I will not go easy on you."

Lucas laughed loudly and covered his head with his arms, "Ya, no violence here hyung."

Jungkook laughed while watching him, Lucas removed his arms when he realized Jungkook didn't really intend to choke him again, "You know you love noona already for too long but decided to be the biggest jerk to him because you didn't like what you are feeling for her. Poor Lisa noona."

Jungkook was about to hit his shoulder when Lucas stood up away from him and laughed, "Why are you so violent hyung? In this house we only promote world peace."

Jungkook shook his head laughing and pat the seat next to him, Lucas slowly went there and sat, "So you mentioned about your Taehyung hyung liking Lisa noona too, how did you say so?"

Jungkook took a sip first on his coffee, "I know him too well, we've been roommates since I got to Seoul. I know it when he likes someone. He talks so fondly of Lisa any chance that he got, the look on his face told me clearly that he likes her. Well, Lisa is kinda weird and hyper too that is why both of them really get along well, I think Taehyung finds her so fun to be with and interesting. I know hyung isn't that interested to most of the girls that likes him but Lisa really caught his interest. I know it. He is even always willing to ditch his practices for his stage plays for her which is really important to him and he always looked out for her."

Jungkook then opened his phone and showed what Taehyung said on their group chat, "Look at this. He wouldn't be this affected if he didn't feel anything for her right?"

Lucas read the exchanges of messages from the two, "Woah, you're actually right. He really likes Lisa noona. Hey, what if noona see this? Private messaging exists dude."

"I deleted the messages, I'm not that dumb."

"Well, I thought you wouldn't. Well, with what I just heard and read I also think he likes her too."

Jungkook nodded, "I just didn't know why he isn't pursuing her and I didn't know if I should be glad about that or what..." he sighed and smiled sadly, "...I actually think he deserves to be with Lisa than me."

Lucas frowned at him, "Why do I feel like you didn't trust yourself when it comes to her hyung?"

Jungkook looked at him, surprised with what he just said, "That... I mean... Yes... I guess you're right," he sighed defeatedly, "..I'm scared on how capable I am when it comes to hurting her."

Lucas smiled innocently, "But that's just how love is right? When you love you are bound to get hurt. What are you being scared of? Why can't you risk it hyung?"

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