41. "You are born to perform, remember that." (Narration)

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A heavy breath and a ringing of a phone can be heard inside one of the restroom's cubicle but soon it stopped,"Hey, I can finally ruin them."

The one on the other line laughed in disbelief, "What? Bitch, you're still not done with them?"

The person held the phone tightly and put on a cold expression, "I will not be done as long as I didn't see them fall apart for real."

"Then go bitch do whatever you like, "the person inside the cubicle heard the other laughed mockingly, "By the way how will you ruin them as you stupidly says?"

The person smirked, "Just wait. I have a plan. A very good one."

The one from the other line laughed again, "Wow, you hate her that much?"

She smirked.

"I despise her this much."

Call ended.


Lisa's Point of View

"Ya you two, my little troublemakers come here for a moment."

I stopped lifting Rosé and put her down when I heard one of the teachers called me and Jungkook. Rosé glared at me making Jimin laughed, then they started bickering.

I was about to join them in their bickerings when Jungkook suddenly held my hand and pulled me to Mrs. Jung who I forgot was waiting for us thanks to my non existence attention span.

Jimin and Rosé cheered us before we went to Mrs. Jung. I smiled at Rosé eonnie and she smiled back at me, I saw her eyes getting teary again making me giggled, she mouthed, "I'm so proud of you my best friend."

I nodded at her stopping myself from crying too. I really love Chaeng so much, I don't know what will I do without her.

Mrs. Jung kindly smiled at us, we bowed at her and smiled too. Mrs. Jung is a kind teacher unlike Mr. Lee who always gave us an earful whenever we messed up.

"Are you ready kids?"


I stopped myself from frowning and rolling my eyes, well Jungkook is Jungkook, he hissed beside me but thankfully Mrs. Lee didn't hear him or else another punishment will be given to us again.

I suddenly remembered Spongebob Squarepants with Mrs. Jung's are you ready kid and stopped the urge to say "Aye aye captain" and that was when I realized how much of a kid I really am.

I was about to scold Jungkook when Mrs. Jung suddenly giggled, we both looked at her curiously, "Wow. Look at your hands holding? This is why I think I made the right choice to let you both perform, I think you'll give the audience a great chemistry and of course good performance."

We both let go of each other's hand and stepped sideward away from each other, I laughed awkwardly, "Ahmm... Thanks Mrs. Lee." I just said.

Our hands just naturally held each other without us noticing like it was the most normal thing ever and I really didn't know what to feel about that.

Mrs. Jung winked at me, "Don't sweat it honey, and please just ignore Mr. Lee and his mood swings, that's the sign of aging."

Jungkook and I laughed because of that, "We're used with Mr. Lee already."

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