27. "This is what euphoria is." (Narration)

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Lisa's point of view

One week have passed since that weird interaction I had in the clinic with Jeon, I put all the things he said that time in the back of my mind, I didn't believe anything that he said to me. We never exchanged even one word after that, he made sure to never talk to me or even glance at me. I was actually relieved that he was doing that, I really need a break away from him. I don't think I can still afford anymore pain and disappointments.

As for Chaeng, I can see that Jimin always keep her occupied, she was getting better. They were still bickering but it was lessened little by little, Chaeng became a little soft towards him while Jimin always made sure to treat her foods to get on her good side. Yoongi oppa and Jen eonnie are still in a complicated and unknown relationship, they were both into casual dating, they find each other irresistible that was why they can't stay away, it was like they were both playing with fire. Jen eonnie made it clear that she didn't want serious relationship at the moment, she also made it clear to oppa that she wasn't really serious when it comes to him, they weren't dating and all but when they were together they were always all over each other. It was sad yes but I think we all got used to them already, I just hoped someday they'll realize that they both need each other and actually level up their relationship. When it comes to Jisoo eonnie and Taetae, it was still the usual, Jisoo still treats him like her little brother while Tae wanted more, he just didn't have the guts to confess.

Jeon, Chaeng and I are currently in our junior year while Tae and Jimin oppa are seniors. The others are currently in college, that was why we seldom hang out these days, they were all busy with their studies. Namjoon was already on his third year taking legal management, oppa is really smart, he is the brain of the group, Hoseok oppa and Yoongi oppa were enrolled in a university known for its excellence in performing arts they were both majoring in music, and Seokjin was in a culinary academy.

I was walking to the cafeteria when I saw Chaeng walking to me excitedly, she has a big smile on her face, I noticed her holding a flier, "Lali! Look what I've got?!"

I raised a brow at her, "Argh, too much energy, I felt like you're draining mine." I sarcastically said.

She was unfazed with my sarcasm and squealed, "Look at this first before being an A plus bitch on me!"

I ignored the fact that the kind and sweet Park Chaeyoung just called me a bitch and grabbed the flier from her hand and read it, "Ahmm, a talent show?" I said while cringing.

Jimin oppa isn't a good influence to her. I'll give him some piece of my mind when I see him.

"Yas! Guess who's joining! Guess who!"

I narrowed my eyes at her, "Not you of course."

She frowned at me finally, "It's me. What's with you? What's got your panty in a twist?"

I scolded at her, her eyes widened in realization, "Oh my gosh, did you like fail your math quizzes again?"

I nodded weakly and continued walking, she walked beside me and pouted sadly, "Ya Chaeyoung stop mocking me."

She laughed and hugged my side, "Come on don't be sad, it's not like you aren't that used to fail that subject."

"Wow that made me feel so much better."

She just nudged my side still with her big smile, "Don't sulk okay? How about you join the contest too? Show 'em what you got! They need to see your dance moves!"

I widened my eyes at her shutting her up, "Don't even try. I will not join that shitty contest."

"Eventhough the prize is 200,000 won?"

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