Kamek's Magical Showdown

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Stars obtained: 70/70

Big Star Recovery: N/A

Mario and Luigi entered the room; Everything was quiet and dark. Suddenly, an evilish laugh was heard on the air. Some magic sparkles appeared in front of them; it was Kamek the Magikoopa.

- "Nyehehehehehe!" Kamek laughed.

- "Kamek?!" Mario shouted.

- "This is as far as you go! I'm going to give everything I have to prevent both of you from reaching King Bowser! You won't stop his plans for the Mushroom Kingdom".

Kamek raised his wand and used his magic to steal their hammers and all their power ups.

- "Nyehehehehe! Let's see what you can do against me without all your fighting tools" Kamek said.

- "Let'sa go Luigi" Mario said.

- "Okie-dokie Mario" Luigi replied.

While flying on his broom, Kamek started to attack them with his magic. Mario and Luigi ran around to avoid getting hit. Moreover, they were looking for a way to fight him, even if they didn't have their hammers and power ups.

Suddenly, Mario remembered the way he threw Luigi at the airship that was trying to steal all the Power Stars back at Peach's Castle.

- "Luigi! Let's make that great jump again!" Mario said.

Quickly, luigi ran to his brother and jumped to his head. Having Luigi on him, Mario started to roll at high speed. Finally, with a strong jump, he sent Luigi flying, directly to Kamek. Luigi crashed and made him fall from his broom. While on the floor, Mario stomped him too, inflicting damage to Kamek. Moreover, the hammers felt from Kamek, who quickly got back to his broom.

Luigi felt safely on the ground and went to Mario to grab a hammer.

Suddenly, Kamek continued to attack them with his magic. Since Mario and Luigi got their hammers back, they decided to use them to return Kamek's magical attacks to him.

One of them hits Kamek, making him fall from his broom again. Luigi ran quickly to him and stomped him for a second time. The Fire Flowers dropped from Kamek. Mario and Luigi grabs them, turning into Fire Mario and Fire Luigi.

Kamek didn't get to his broom this time. Instead he raised his wand and used his magic to cover all the ground in ice, making it slippery. He then started to slide all over the place, trying to attack Mario and Luigi while staying away from them.

Mario and Luigi started to slide too, trying to reach Kamek while avoiding his attacks. They were throwing Fireballs at him. They failed several times, but they still managed to burn him like three times, turning him dizzy. Mario took this chance to stomp him once again. The Metal Mushroom felt from Kamek. Mario grabs it and turns into Metal Mario.

Suddenly, Kamek unleashes some Bullies into the battle and orders them to protect them from Mario. The battleground didn't have any pits, so there was no way to get rid of the Bullies. Fire Luigi turns into normal Luigi and takes his hammer once again, willing to help Mario get to Kamek.

The Bullies ran directly to Mario and started too push him away from Kamek. Mario was doing his best to reach him, but the Bullies weren't making things easy... not until Luigi joins. He started to push away all the Bullies around Mario, making a path for him.

Kamek tried to stop Mario with his magical attacks, but none of them couldn't get him. Luigi kept opening a path for Mario until he got pushed by another Bully. Luigi got dizzy, unabled to help Mario.

The Bullies got to Mario and trapped him, making things easier for Kamek.

- "Hold him just like that. I'm going to finish him once and for all" Kamek said.

Kamek raised his wand, ready to finish Mario. However, Mario jumped out of the way, and the Bullies ended crashing into each other, getting dizzy on the act. Finally, Mario managed to stomp Kamek's head with his metal skin, and the Ice Flower felt from him, the last Power up that Kamek was holding. After that, the Bullies dissapeared from the battleground.

After Luigi recovered from the Bully's attack, he noticed the Ice Flower and went to grab it, turning into Ice Luigi.

Kamek got really mad and used his magic to cover the whole battleground in lava. Mario felt a burning sensation on his back, making him jump and scream. However, he didn't received any damage thanks to his metal skin. Mario felt on a platform floating on the lava, far away from Luigi and Kamek. He couldn't help his brother on any way.

Meanwhile, Kamek was flying on his broom again, having his eyes on Luigi, who was standing on another platform. Luigi needed to use his ice power to make a path toward the other platforms, and slowly get close to Kamek. He started to make a bridge of ice from his platform to another close to him, but he had to pass quickly since the ice would melt rapidly thanks to the lava.

Kamek throws his magical attacks at Luigi from the distances, trying to make him fell into the lava. Luigi has successfully dodged all his attacks while still moving on through the bridges of ice he was making between platforms. Also, there were some Bullies that were trying to push him into the lava, but Luigi pushed them instead.

Finally, Luigi reached Kamek, who started to charge a powerful magic attack for him. Luigi decided to charge a powerful attack too with his ice power. Both of them got their attacks charged, and they finally let them go. Both of them gave everything they've got, but at the end, Luigi was victorious. Kamek got freezed by Ice Luigi and felt into the lava, where he got burnt. He then flew super high while screaming, directly to his broom.

- "All right fine, I give up!" He said while extinguishing the flames on his blue clothes. "I'll let you face Lord Bowser himself. However, no matter what you do, you won't be able to match him. He's even more powerful than both of you united. You would never stand a chance against such power, nyehehehehe!"

Kamek flew toward a window and escaped. The whole lava dissapeared from the battleground. Metal Mario and Ice Luigi got back to their former selfs.

- "Luigi! Are you ok?" Mario asked.

- "Yes. What about you?" Luigi replied and asked too.

Mario remained silent, but he was smiling. He then looked at two doors, the last two of Bowser's Flying Tower. They were painted in red, they had  Bowser's face on them, and they were made of gold.

At last, the time to face Bowser arrived. Will Mario and Luigi manage to defeat the King of the Koopas and save Princess Peach from his clutches? Or will they succumb to his power?

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