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Doctor's Orders (Bowser X Luigi) by Shadow_Matamori
Doctor's Orders (Bowser X Luigi)by Shadow Matamori
At Mushroom Hospital many well known doctor's are there helping keep everyone well and healthy. Mario and Bowser the top doctor's often butt heads when it comes to curin...
🌟Jump Up, Super Stars!🌟 *ON HOLD* by SuperDanielaSisters
🌟Jump Up, Super Stars!🌟 *ON HOLD*by Super Daniela Sisters
(Yandere! Super Mario Odyssey Villains x Mario Bros twin sister! Female! Reader Insert) Oh no! Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser for forcing her into marriage! Look...
My hero (Luigi x Bowser) by Yua_Hamato_2012
My hero (Luigi x Bowser)by Youngest_Hamato
Luigi Mario has not have had the best life, he's constantly in his brother's shadow, gets no praise or recognition for his deeds or efforts. Even when he is the hero of...
Shy Green X Koopa Queen by AJ7866
Shy Green X Koopa Queenby AJ7866
Bowser after turning into bowsette failed to get Mario has a boyfriend ends up kidnapping Luigi. And they unexpectedly get close. I made this because nobody does fanfic...
Super Mario Eevee Bros. (Pokémon and Mario Bros. Crossover) by Pikagirl1527
Super Mario Eevee Bros. (Pokémon Pikagirl1527
Mario and Luigi find themselves in the world of Pokémon. Not only that but they have transformed into a Pokémon called Eevee. Now they have to get used to being these sm...
The One and Only Me {On Hold} by Mystic_Ocean_09
The One and Only Me {On Hold}by Dani Dorito
All his life, Luigi knew he was different from his brother. What he wasn't actually a he? What if he was actually a 'SHE'? How will 'her' brother and friends feel? What'...
His Prince (Luigi x Bowser) by qtjaelyn
His Prince (Luigi x Bowser)by qtjaelyn
An (probably unoriginal) AU I thought of where Mario and Luigi are the Princes of the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach and Daisy are their knights/protectors. This is a pretty...
Helping hand:A Luigi X Bowser fanfiction by LilLGBTPrince
Helping hand:A Luigi X Bowser LilLGBTPrince
(IM SOrry this is probably so cringy but I'm writing this for me so I dunno...don't read if you don't like) TW: Suicidal thoughts and actions, also contains favored brot...
From My Brother's Shadow by OminousShadow22
From My Brother's Shadowby OminousShadow22
We've all felt inferior to someone right? Luigi has lived his life in the shadow of his brother who has more than taken notice. Tired of being dragged down Mario finally...
High-School Problems (Smash Bros Fanfic) by DaisyDetergent
High-School Problems (Smash Bros DaisyDetergent
Welcome to high-school, where there are many lame but big problems. Daisy and the new girl, Rosalina, just don't get along. And things get worse when Rosalina gets popul...
Mario Characters X Reader One Shots by Pikminfan
Mario Characters X Reader One Shotsby Megan
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the story ideas!! Basically it's one shots of the Mario Characters and the Reader AKA You!!
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader) by Haunted_Bog_Water
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader)by Sierra
You, (y/n), are the younger sister of the Mario Brothers. The one who's never remembered. The one that has their good deeds taken by your brothers because they're the fa...
Luigi's Secret ⭐️ by Bendygirl34
Luigi's Secret ⭐️by Bendygirl34
A new and better version of this story! Nobody wonders what Luigi does when he is alone while his brother off on his adventure to rescue the princess from the king koopa...
Peach x Bowser by Romanreed
Peach x Bowserby Romanreed
What if Mario was a villain? What if Peach and Bowser were in love? What if Bowser only "kidnapped" Peach to spend time with her? This fanfiction answers these...
Until we meet again (Luigi x Reader) by LuigiLove101
Until we meet again (Luigi x Vamis
This is a story about your and Luigi's young love, you first moving to the Mushroom Kingdom, You and Daisy in hot water at each other, and you sharing your feelings abou...
Mario and I Luigi reaction to ships by AJ7866
Mario and I Luigi reaction to shipsby AJ7866
the world of Mario ships but how will the Canon brothers react to this ships.
Luigi x Reader ((Luigi's Mansion 3)) by FreakShow_Destiny
Luigi x Reader ((Luigi's Mansion FreakShow_Destiny
I don't really have a cover yet but I'll try to remember to finish it later. Anyway, this book is actually inspired by a fantastic Luigi x Reader writer. I'll tag them a...
Human Reader x Cars by comicmaker12
Human Reader x Carsby Comicmaker12
Comicmaker12 from Wattpad Only this (⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄) and this 👏🤧 I could have done that the reader was male but... Oh well 😂 Ready for some adventure?
We Are Infinite - Larry Stylinson AU by something1d
We Are Infinite - Larry :-)
This is the story of a twisted, difficult journey. This is the story of two very different boys finding out who they really are. This is the story of an unlikely pairing...
Love Bites Don't it (Bowser x Luigi) by BunnyBun2000
Love Bites Don't it (Bowser x BunnyBun2000
After Losing to Mario yet again, and his boyfriend luigi failing to make him feel better Bowser has Kamek make him a potion to make him impervious. The spell succeeds bu...