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The King and The Plumber (A Bowuigi fan work) by SpotCreations
The King and The Plumber (A Dawson
Following a defeat at the hands of Mario once again, Bowser had given up chasing Princess Peach. He had to focus on his own kingdom and his children. He had to make sure...
My prisoner (A bowuigi fanfic) by Petite_Writee
My prisoner (A bowuigi fanfic)by Petite_Writee
Writer note: I just had to join into the bowuigi hype. I may or may not love it. ;) #bowuigi #luigi #bowser I'm really busy so I'll have to delay a lot of my writing. S...
From My Brother's Shadow by OminousShadow22
From My Brother's Shadowby OminousShadow22
We've all felt inferior to someone right? Luigi has lived his life in the shadow of his brother who has more than taken notice. Tired of being dragged down Mario finally...
Only wanted it H̶̳͘i̷̖̊d̶̳́̚d̵̲̊ē̵̫ň̶̪ by herty-47k
Only wanted it H̶̳͘i̷̖̊d̶̳́̚d̵̲̊e̵ herty-47k
Mario our favorite plumber in the famous channel Smg4 is always known for his stupidity and chaotic personality throughout out the series but what if he was just H̷͍̣̑̽o...
Unexpected adventures (Luigi x reader) by _BloomHeart_
Unexpected adventures (Luigi x _BloomHeart_
Y/N and Luigi have won a mansion in a contest they didn't enter, Luigi's brother Mario has gone missing and it's their job to save him, will they only find ghosts? Or so...
Luigi X King Boo : Ghostly Affection by SmolbutalsoTol
Luigi X King Boo : Ghostly h e n t a i
There is not a lot of this ship out there. So I thought, YE BOI. (Luigi is turned into a boo, my dudes) Kill me
Doctor's Orders (Bowser X Luigi) by Shadow_Matamori
Doctor's Orders (Bowser X Luigi)by Shadow Matamori
At Mushroom Hospital many well known doctor's are there helping keep everyone well and healthy. Mario and Bowser the top doctor's often butt heads when it comes to curin...
Fuck Royalty (WaluigixOC) by WaluLover
Fuck Royalty (WaluigixOC)by Mr.Krabs
What happens when a troublemaker princess from another land catches Waluigi's eye? Will this nymph princess be able to tear down his defensive wall and bring out the go...
[Luigi's mansion] King boo X Fem reader(bit suicidal) Lemon included(completed) by AmazingBooigi
[Luigi's mansion] King boo X Fem Amazing Booigi
STORIES IS COMPLETED WOOO you run.. and run... and run, you try to forget that memories and you stumbled on the mansion, then you meet, king boo this story is set after...
I will be noticed. ( a Bowser x Luigi story) by kaydentik
I will be noticed. ( a Bowser x Kayden
this is about a person, Luigi that's in his own brothers shadow most of the time. he's usually scared or at home so nobody notices him. watch as the story unrolls into a...
A yandere Boosette by AJ7866
A yandere Boosetteby AJ7866
An old friend Luigi thought he will never see again comes back acting friendlier than she is in front of him.
A Nutcracker and the Beast by MeiBone
A Nutcracker and the Beastby MeiBone
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a hint of the Nutcracker with Bowser and Luigi. Everyone has forgotten Luigi for about five years now as if he never existed. Li...
He's my kingdom (Bowuigi) by egxhag
He's my kingdom (Bowuigi)by dont talk to me
Luigi is tired of being in his brother's shadow, after a fight with Count Bleck, he meets up with Bowser, who has become miserable due to the Count. After a conversation...
I can feel your presence, yet you're still absent. || [SMG34]  by G0Z_Flavored_Coffee
I can feel your presence, yet you' G0z_Flavored_Coffee
''SMG3 dies, SMG4 copes. Mario can still see the former guardian, but both lose all hope.'' This is an original idea by Luis, all creativity props go to him. Co-Written...
Hot Sauce and Green Beans by 0ThatGayFriend0
Hot Sauce and Green Beansby 0ThatGayFriend0
MANY spelling mistakes, god awful writing, and gayness. Everything you could want in a fanfic! Please enjoy this goofy story that I usually write at like 12am
more than just admiration | bowser x luigi by mitsukou_is_superior
more than just admiration | mitsukou_is_superior
Luigi has always admired Bowser. But what happens when he gets captured and turns into a bit more than admiration? !!ART ON COVER NOT MINE!!
Bowser and luigi's problem by comfybeanboi
Bowser and luigi's problemby comfybeanboi
this story is if Bowser became a human and this is also a Bowser x Luigi fan fiction so if you don't like that then don't read this! ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO NINTENDO. (...
The downfall of Meggy Spletzer: The sequel by Dattommyboi_64
The downfall of Meggy Spletzer: Dattommyboi_64
okay quick summary, InfiniteLeJackal made a story about Meggy if she lost the splatfest and someone else did a similar story but if Mario got there minutes early, I made...
The only Bowuigi fanfiction on Wattpad by unreformedchangeling
The only Bowuigi fanfiction on Lumpy the Changeling
I need the gay Boyz. here you have it, the gay boys. Started on December 8th, 2022 Ended on April 7th, 2023 63 in Mario on December 14, 2022. 53 in Mario on December 15...