Bowser Battle #1

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Mario and Luigi reached the end of the portal; The portal dissapears. They were on The Blue Beach, where they met the Koopa Pirate, only that they were on a hill this time, and the sky was cloudy. There was a cave on the mountain, and the Mario Bros entered to investigate. They were on a fighting arena, and there was a wall of bricks towards them. Suddenly, they heard a lot of punches, coming behind the wall of bricks. The wall broke and all the bricks flew in all directions; one of them hit Luigi's head, leaving him unconscious. That wall of bricks was broken by Bowser.

"Bwahahahaha" Bowser started to laugh. "So you finally came. I was waiting for you and your -good for nothing- brother... Oh, did I knocked him out?"

*Mario got mad at Bowser*

"Well, I was waiting for this moment for a very long time" Bowser explained. "I was training all my body before you came, only to crush you!"

Bowser dashed toward Mario and tried to hit him a couple of times; Mario dodged all of them. Mario jumps and tries to hit Bowser with his hammer; Bowser enters into his shell, avoiding all damage. Bowser starts to roll while on his shell by the time that Mario's hammer touched it, sending the hammer to fly; the hammer felt close to Luigi. Bowser gets out of his shell and hits Mario with his tail; Mario crashed into a wall, but he gets up quickly. Bowser tries to hit Mario with his tail again, but Mario grabs it and starts to roll while holding it.

He then let Bowser go, and Bowser crashed into a wall.

Bowser got dizzy. He then reacts and gets real mad at Mario:

"Why you-- How dare you?"

Bowser enters in a big box, which he starts to shake. He then gets out, this time wearing a silver armor. Bowser runs to Mario, and Mario gets out of the way. Bowser starts breathing fire to Mario; Mario was running to avoid getting burned. Bowser stopped breathing fire. Mario managed to reach the hammer that was close to Luigi. He then grabs it and hit Bowser with it. Bowser's armor was to tough for the hammer. Mario starts to hit him many times. "Enough playing around" Bowser said. Bowser hit Mario's face with his tail; Mario falls to the ground.

"Bwahahahaha...! There's no stopping me now" Bowser said.

He then ran to Mario. Mario reacts quickly and tried to pass on Bowser. However, Bowser jumped and hit Mario with the spikes of his shell. Mario crashed on the superior top of the cave and falls in the ground. Bowser grabs Mario from his feet, he starts to crash him multiple times on the ground and finally let him go. Mario got weak and couldn't get up.

Luigi finally awakes from his slumber, caused by a brick, and saw Mario. He then rans to him to help him. Bowser says to Luigi:

"Stay away from this, L-oser" Bowser said mockingly. "I'll deal with you later".

Luigi remembered the object that Toadsworth gave to him. He got it out, and it was the green box that holds the Metal cap. Luigi breaks the box and puts the metal cap on Mario. Mario turns into metal and gets up. Bowser gets nervous, but he still was confident of claimimg victory.

Bowser tried to breath fire at Mario again, but Mario dashed to him and hit he's face, breaking Bowser's armored helmet. That was tough for Bowser. He then shoots fireballs at Metal Mario; none of them damaged him. Mario dashes to him and gives three punches in his face. He then gives a kick on Bowser's belly, breaking the part of the armor that was protecting it. Desperated, Bowser jumps and tries to fall on Mario; he was willing to hit him with his shell. He finally hit Mario's head, only to see the armor covering his shell breaking into pieces. Finally, Mario grabs Bowser's tail and starts to roll once again. Mario lets him go, sending it out of the cave and straight to the ocean. However, Kamek appears and opened a portal, where Bowser entered, returning to the Castle. Kamek dissapeared after that.

Mario takes off the Metal Cap, returning to his normal state.

"Mario! You defeated Bowser!" Luigi said happily.

The portal that connects to Bowser's Castle appeared in the cave.

"Let'sa go Luigi" Mario said.

They returned to Bowser's castle. Toadsworth and the Toads were in front of them.

"Come on Master Mario. The second floor awaits us" Toadsworth said.

Everyone went to the second floor.

Just like the first floor, the second had various doors, each one with a portal leading to a world. Only one of them was opened.

"I hope that Princess Peach is all right" Toadsworth said. "You two know what to do. Please do all the necesary effort to recover the Stars and the Princess".

Mario and Luigi went to the next world.

Meanwhile, Bowser was raging in his throne room.

"Gwaaaah! I can't believe that I have been defeated by Mario once again!" He said. "He's surely gonna pay for that. Assuming that he and his brother will continue running around my castle, then I already know where he's going by now. This is going to be a creepy quest for them, specially for green stache".

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