World 1: Bob-omb Sanctuary

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Stars obtained: N/A

Star #1: Bob-omb extermination

Mario and Luigi entered into a strange portal that lead them to a place called Bob-omb Sanctuary. They were already inside as soon as they arrived. The Mario Bros. started to look around and saw many red Bob-ombs that looked very worried.

"Look Luigi. I haven't seen any red Bob-ombs since my last adventure on Peach's Castle" Mario said.

"Yeah, but why they all have long faces?" Luigi replied.

"Greetings travelers" a red Bob-omb close to them said "I welcome you to the Bob-ombs Sanctuary".

"Bob- ombs Sanctuary?" Luigi said.

"Indeed. This is where all the fellow Bob-ombs gather for important reunions and activities".

"Oh I see" Mario replied. "Sorry for what I'm about to say, but there are only red Bob-ombs in here".

"I understand" the fellow Bob-omb replied "There are black Bob-ombs in this sanctuary too, but we're having a little controversy right now".

"What does that mean?" Luigi asked.

"Well, this Bob-ombs, along with their king: King Bob-omb, had entered and attacked our sanctuary and got control of most parts. They took our halls, treasures and even got a racing track we built on the second floor".

"Wait, how did you build a racing track without hands" Luigi asked.

"Hard work and determination. Anyway, when they took most part of the sanctuary, they left us right here on the main hall of the first floor, never to let us enter and take back everything that they took from us".

"MONSTERS!" Luigi said angrily, causing Mario to watch him with a weird face.

*Luigi noticed his expression and blushed*

"And where is the king right now?" Mario asked.

"Well, he was here a few days ago, but he left and got back to his own sanctuary, and he left his minions here".

"Okie-dokie, then we'll go straight to that so-called king and give him a lesson; Let'sa go!" Mario said.

"Wait!" the fellow Bomber stopped them. "Going after the King is a wonderful idea. However, there's something that I would like to ask you to do first. Can you please get rid of every Black Bob-omb that are roaming behind those two big doors so that we can enter and regain terrain? We've been stuck on this hall a while ago and we can't take it any longer. Please help us out".

Mario and Luigi looked at each other and smiled.

"Okie-dokie our dear Bob-omb" Mario said. "We will clear your sanctuary from this Bob-ombs first, then we'll go after their king and give him a lesson. Right Luigi?"

"Oh yeeaah!" Luigi replied.

"Thank you so much. By the way, I don't even know your names".

"Oh right" Mario said. "I am Suuuper Maaario!"

"And I am Suuuper Luuuigi!"

"No! Only I am super" Mario said and Luigi got sad.

"...Ok... Bomb-Boyash".

"Ok, bye" Luigi said.

"Whoa! Why are you going like that?"

"Because you said good bye on another language" Luigi replied.

"No silly! The name is Bomb-Boyash. You see, my first name is 'Bomb' and my second name is 'Boyash'. You understand?"

Mario and Luigi didn't say anything and continued onward, leaving Bomb-Boyash with a weird face.

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