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Bowser X Reader by That_One_Gay_Smol
Bowser X Readerby That_One_Gay_Smol
The cover was made by myself, but I do not own the picture of Bowser Warning: Lots of grammar/spelling mistakes! I wrote all of this like 4 ish years ago, and my writing...
Yoshi's Galactic Journeys by YoshiReadsStories
Yoshi's Galactic Journeysby Wattpaddin' Yoshi
This story happens not too long ago... One day, while playing Super Mario Galaxy, Yoshi finds himself in an area he has never been in before... But... It's way too recog...
The Mage and The King (Bowser X Male!Reader) by BlizzardSnow1307
The Mage and The King (Bowser X Ma...by Jack Aaron
It's been the same every year, Bowser the King of the Koopas and the Ruler of the Well-Defended Castle Floating Among Glowing Clouds, would kidnap Princess Peach the rul...
Mario + Splatoon: Kingdom Turf War  by Brockinator
Mario + Splatoon: Kingdom Turf War by Brock Bracken
A strange phenomenon creates portals between the Super Mario Bros. and Splatoon dimensions. King Bowser and DJ Octavio want the phenomenon's power so they can take over...
Bowser and the Koopalings: An Origin Story (IN PROGRESS/ UNDER EDITING) by ChiaKnight_64
Bowser and the Koopalings: An Orig...by ChiaKnight_64
Have you ever wondered why the King of the Koopas decided to have literal children lead his armies? Or how he even met such children in the first place? Why does he trus...
The Return of Bowsette by CircusBossBaby
The Return of Bowsetteby Circus Boss Baby
We all know how Mario and Bowser at the end of Mario Odyssey both wanted to marry Peach-Sadly the two getting rejected. And we all know the meme (Dead meme?) Bowsette wa...
The Story Of The Koopalings ( Human Version) by mario_trolls_sonic12
The Story Of The Koopalings ( Huma...by Super_mario_superfan
This is a story about the koopalings and kinda about there life and what happed with there mother I do not own the koopalings or super Mario the only thing that belongs...
Super Mario Murder Mystery by TDfan1245
Super Mario Murder Mysteryby TDfan1245
On the Mario Bros' birthday, everything seemed bright. A surprise party was being held and everyone was having fun. But that all changed after murders occur.
Feeling Better? (Ludwig x Iggy) by koopachalupa
Feeling Better? (Ludwig x Iggy)by koopachalupa
(Based on the battles from New Super Mario Bros. U) The Koopalings are ready for another battle with the Mario Bros. However, their treacherous castles and mighty airshi...
Super Mario 64: Star Mania by Starjoel
Super Mario 64: Star Maniaby Starjoel
Available only on Wattpad. Any other site that has it is stolen. STORY COMPLETED - HONORABLE MENTION FOR BEST COVER ON SUNRISE MINI AWARDS The first attack at Peach's Ca...
Rise of Ludwig by Failex33333333
Rise of Ludwigby Failex33333333
Ludwig is on a journey, a journey to get what is rightfully his. What Bowser took away from him. What Junior stole from him, the throne
Starchild [Super Mario X Reader] by ClazeyJ
Starchild [Super Mario X Reader]by ▽ 𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕤𝕒𝕦𝕔𝕖 ▽
[Y/N] is a librarian at the National Library of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is out to prove to her older siblings that she can survive on her own, which is faring a bit to...
Super Mario Odyssey 2 by TommyChambers1
Super Mario Odyssey 2by Tommy Tybeh Chambers
Mario's New Adventure Been Beginning To Save Princess Peach From Bowser's Force Wedding Once and This Time His Old and New Friends Join Him To Next Adventure Like Luigi...
Super Mario Adventures: Across The Galaxy by YoshiReadsStories
Super Mario Adventures: Across The...by Wattpaddin' Yoshi
The Mario Bros. and friends are in for a spaced out journey! When Bowser launches his most advanced plan, it's up to the Mario Gang to stop it! Prepare to meet new faces...
Super Mario Adventures: Boo Chaos! by YoshiReadsStories
Super Mario Adventures: Boo Chaos!by Wattpaddin' Yoshi
Dangerous days for The Mushroom Kingdom are about to come... As Kamek will give Boos a special ability to take over the Kingdom... And they have everything set... How wi...
The Koopaling Gang by ItsASuperMarioGirl
The Koopaling Gangby Maisie
Stories about Bowser and his children known as the Koopaling Gang
Total Mushroom Mayhem by JacksonEpic
Total Mushroom Mayhemby Bird
- Cover art made by Alicecrosynart - Two demigods bring 18 Mushroom Kingdom citizens into a run down beach on an even more run down island. They are split up into two te...
Yandere King (Luigi x prince Peasley) (one-sided bowuigi and Bowser x Kamek) by darwinop
Yandere King (Luigi x prince Peasl...by Léa Ceresa
Welp, title says it all, I'm not an experienced writer, so feel free to point out any mistakes I might make without being rude, and sorry for being gone so long, I haven...
Paper Lydeck: And Stealing Mario's Style by XXXXX190
Paper Lydeck: And Stealing Mario's...by ClapTrap-Jacket Lydeck
Oh geez! A festival has gone terribly wrong! And Mario has to save the day! But wait, what's this? Looks like Mario won't be the only one to stop The Origami King... Pap...